Our Easter recap and pictures…

Our church had a sunrise service, breakfast, and worship service today.  It was a different way of doing things at our church, and I liked it.  Our service was Spirit filled.  The music was stirring and our new pastor challenged us all!     God is blessing our church.  We all had plenty of time to spend with family, sit and talk and eat at the table, and hunt and re-hunt those eggs.  We all went to Pop’s for lunch…with Joy handling the cooking duties.  She does such a great job.  We visited, watched JT hunt eggs and snapped a few pics.  Sadly, sweet Alex could not get out today, so he missed the fun and fellowship.  It’s just never completely right when he is not with us. 

Then, Ian, Don and I went over to Adam and Suzanne’s to see them and sweet little Levi.  They are having to keep him in for 2 months so his lungs can get fully healed and ready to take on this big, beautiful world.  Of course, we made more pics there.  And, I got in a good rocking  with Levi in the same rocker I rocked all my babies in!  Oh, it is just as sweet as everyone says it is!  Such a wonderful blessing!

And, I am now in my pajamas, feet elevated, diet dr.pepper next to me.  And, here I intend to stay till morning.  Except when I have to take ‘ole Finn out.  Here are some of the pics of today…I think they speak for themselves….

 A wonderful day, full of worship and blessings and love.  Hope yours was as well.