OK…here’s the rest of the decorating.

As you come up the front steps, you are greeted by two large red bows and 5 foot lighted trees in bronze urns on either side of the door.  You’ll have to take my word for it, I didn’t get a pic of the trees at night…and they are not very pretty if they are not lighted.

The old butcher’s table in the foyer is filled with a collection of my silver mercury glass ornaments.

There are the 3 trees to the right…

And on the other end is a small lamp I found with a mercury glass base.  I really need to get a different shade, but no time yet…And next to the lamp is a set of bells that I found last year.  I finally found some hooks to hold them, but decided to only use one of them…

In the middle, is a big, very rustic box.  In it I put all the largest of my silver mercury glass.  Mixed in with pine and holly and all piled up high!

Moving on to the back foyer, I put up a tree with only top branches and a wreath and more balls at the bottom.  I used this table for the desserts at the party, and with the this tall tree it freed up a lot of space.  On the branches are a few of my favorite birds.

The big kitchen cupboard is the last place we will visit.  I so enjoy decorating this space for the seasons.  Here I put my Mistletoe Manor angels.  I had 3 of them, and had always wanted to add to the collection. 

But they were discontinued last year, so I thought there was no chance.  I had been on line looking and no luck.  Then, one day, on a stroll through TJM, there they were!  Sitting up high on the top shelf!  Just waiting for me to come and get them and bring them to their new home.  And, since they were waiting just for me…could I disappoint them, and leave them there?  Why, no…of course not!  I did the right thing and brought them home.  And, they seem so happy here, I’m glad I did. 

  And, lo and behold!  The next time I went, I found the Santa and Mrs. Santa.  They are from the same collection, but I had not intended to get them.  But, once again, I went all soft, and let them talk me into coming to live at my house. 

And, they look just perfect here in the kitchen, don’t ya think?  Yes.  Good decisions, both.  On the top shelf are three topiaries with colorful berries, and a decorative plate, vase and sign.  The little music box is a favorite treasure we bring out at Christmas each year.  We gave it to Alex on his first Christmas.

And, last but not least, in the studio, an old red pick up truck  bringing home the Chrismas tree!

I  have such fun playing with all my treasures, and placing them here or moving them there.  Nothing in this house is ever in the same place 2 years in a row.  I just don’t like ‘sameness’. (Is that even a word?)  And, it usually takes me several weeks looking at a particular vignette to decide if I like it or not.  Like the mantel…I do not like it this year.  There is not enough color, and it seems to fade into the stone.  So, next year…who knows where they will end up?