I’ve had several requests to show the decor I used for Christmas.  So I will show some today, and the rest tomorrow.

I must not take all the credit.  My sweet friend, Tina, took a day off work to come and help me decorate.  We have such opposite personalities.  As scattered and ditzy as I am…she is organized and focused.  She has tried over the years to help me work in an orderly fashion…start at one end and go to the other…instead of starting 6 projects and doing a little bit here and a little bit there.  And, I do pretty good, as long as she is with me.  But, when she is gone…so am I!  Her daughter, Amy, came over and helped us and ran errands, too.  And, my friend Patty came over and added her willing hands.  Patty helps keep me straight, as well.  I am so blessed to have friends like these.

First, the mantel.  I used the trees that I used on the table last year for the mantel.  I did not want the trees to be in the way for the party.  Remember these trees were the ones that Mom had bought for me before she died.  I love them as much this year as I did last.  And, friends, if someone tells you that your whole stone fireplace will crack and crumble and fall to the ground if you put a nail in it…..don’t believe it!  See!  safe and sound!

On one side of the fireplace, I put these 3 trees.  And, on the other side I used this lantern on a pedestal.

The buffet, I kept simple also.  My mixed berry garland, and the teeny, tiny seed lights, and these two very rustic candlesticks.  Oh, and two super glittered snowmen….guess, it’s not too simple after all…:-)

Now, to the table.  When we began building the Creek House, my sweet Daughter-in-Love, Suzanne, began getting me these beautiful pots.  I have had them sitting on a bakers rack, and have had plans to fill them with plants.  But, I had an idea that they would look good down the center of the table…filled with something.  After I had decorated the tree, I had quite a few mercury balls left over.  (Can we just say ‘excess’ here?)  Anyway, I gave Tina my ideas and away she went.  We tweaked a little here and a little there, added in some votives, and it was done.  What do you think?

And, speaking of the tree…here it is…

And, last for today, I reused the twigs from fall, and added ivy and holly to this tall basket.

That’s it for today.  I’ll show you the rest tomorrow. 

I just LOVE Christmas!  I love the colors and the smells and the sounds and the parties!  And, I love to decorate my home.  We are blessed, and give thanks to God for all he has given to us.  But, please know that as much as I love all these ‘things’ about Christmas,  that’s all they are…things.  All that will last, and all that really matters, is that one perfect gift…Jesus.  That must be the focus of all we do during this season.  It’s His birthday, and He deserves our praise.