We have the sweet privilege of having Adam and Suzanne’s dog, Charla, stay with us. They are in Atlanta celebrating…school’s out, their 5th anniversary, and Adam’s birthday.

Charla is the sweetest dog ever! She is as gentle as she can be, and she loves exploring the backyard. We love having her visit!

Adam got good news yesterday at the doctor’s visit. He will be undergoing the same procedure Alex did, and then another one after that. This will get him to the point that he does not have to wear glasses or contacts. His eyesight has always been poor, but he has been able to get decent vision by wearing contacts. But, when he would take them out, he was about as bad as Alex. So, by the end of the summer, he will have near perfect vision. Praise the Lord! He is so continuing to bless our family! We give Him all the glory and praise!



This was the only pic I could find of you alone, Adam…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!