I stole this idea from Jill…but I told her I was…so I hope that makes it OK.

So, here we go…
It feels so good to lay in the sun and just feel it warm on your skin! I love to see the sun, to feel the sun, to experience all the things you can do when the sun is shining!

Ah! The beach…the cool water…the white sand…the smell of summer! I feel most alive at the beach. The Gulf Coast is only 80 miles from my home town…don’t hate me. (And, yes, those are MY legs, kicking up the water…having fun!)

Oh, I love me a good pair of flip flops. They are cheap. They are colorful.
They are fun. So easy to wear. As I look around my house I have several pairs next to the doors that lead outside. They just shout “SUMMER TIME” waiting there for me to put them on and head out for an adventure! Here is a funky pair that I got at Old Navy…$5.00

No, as hard as it is to believe…I did not pose for this picture. As a matter of fact…I wouldn’t ever try to sleep in all of those clothes! Give me an over sized T shirt and I’m good to go! I wake up early in the mornings, and don’t mind getting up and out. But, it is nice to be able to lounge around…read a little…check the blog buddies…maybe catch another little nap!

YUM! YUM! The foods of summer are the best! Fresh squash,just stewed are wonderful. My family likes for me to make a squash casserole, too. And the tomatoes…nothing is finer! We like to get very fresh bread, crispy lettuce leaves, crispy fried bacon, and a good slathering of mayonnaise! Oh! What a sandwich. We also like just a tomato sandwich…and we eat them by themselves or topped with a little salt and mayo. Lots of other foods too…peas, butter beans, watermelons…WONDERFUL!

So, these are just a few of the things I like about summer…I could list more…and I bet you could too. How about it? What are your 5 favorite things about summer? I want to know!