The first day in the beautiful month of June, was not so beautiful in the backyard forest of the Creek House. Unbidden, the nasty Armadillo Clan had decided to stake their claim to the forest by burrowing deep into tunnels of their own making.

Donald, the Protector of the Homeland, and a mighty Hunter, was not in a frame of mind to give up the forest without a fight! He had staked his claim to this acre of forest, and he was here to show the Armadillo Clan just who was the boss of this patch of earth.

“Come on out of there, you scaly varmit!”

“So, you cowardly pest, you wanta play dirty? I’ll BURN you out! Come on! I’m waiting for you!”

“Hey guys, I’ve got my gun and everything! I thought you wanted to play war! I’m still waiting!…..and waiting!”

“Whew! It’s at least 90 degrees out here…and that roaring fire’s not helping! I’m not kidding, you smary gang! Come on out!”

“What’s a guy like me doing out here…playing war with these armorred invaders? There…right over there…I should just go and play in the land that I have already conquered!”

“Oh, yes! That’s where I should be! You Armadillo Gang, you had a chance to die with dignity…prepare to meet your doom! I’m outta here!”

And with that, he put away the fire starter and the gun…and proceeded to spend some time reflecting on his great battles while swimming laps in the greatest pond in the kingdom!


Is that a smile we see on the great hunter’s face? Is that a shout of victory we hear coming from his lips? ****HE didn’t hit it or shoot it…but someone did****

As he drives off to conquer the land of motorcycles, he shouts back to his true love, waving from the doorway, “Don’t worry, my love, the land of the Creek House is safe once more. Never fear! I’ll be back to protect, and play war, if need be. The land is now safe for sunbathing and pool rafting and diving, and swimming! Enjoy!”