Oh, what a fun and busy weekend!   That’s what helps make Christmas such a fun time, isn’t it?  On Friday night, Don and I hosted our Sunday School classes at our home.  We had about 35 people attending, and fun was had by all.  We ate, and talked, and played games, and prayed and laughed and sang and laughed some more!  It was cool weather, but the men were able to eat outside by the fireplace, and we ladies ate inside at the table…and on the floor…and on the couch!  Don and I provided turkey and ham and everyone else brought all the other food!  Yummy!

Just a few random pictures…I didn’t manage to get a pic of everyone…I kind of lost track of whose I had made.  Go figure!

Our teacher brought everyone a pair of Christmas socks.  Then she decided that this would make a perfect ‘class picture’.  And, she was right!  Can you tell which one I am?  🙂

Here is the whole group:

On Saturday, Joy had gotten us tickets to a play in Montgomery…about 100 miles north of us.  She has a broken foot…and Pop has macular degeneration…so I was the designated driver.  They arrived at my house around 10…and off we went…

We stopped and got a quick bite to eat and headed to the theater.  Montgomery has a wonderful theater called The Alabama Shakespeare Festival.  They have plays of all kinds, all through the year.  Many are suitable for children and schools from all over the state take groups there.

The play we were seeing was Peter Pan.

It was delightful!  There were quite a few children there and it was fun to watch them and their enjoyment.  But, it was very entertaining for adults also.  I don’t think I had ever really known the story of Peter Pan.  Maybe I did and just forgot, but parts of it were new to me.  Wonderful actors, and fun music.  The children really enjoyed seeing Peter Pan and the children flying through the air!

We went by a favorite smoothie place and got us all one for the road and took off for Dothan.  Pop had stories to tell and some we had not heard before!  So blessed to have this time together!

Great fun!  Great people!  Great activities!  Great food!   What more could you ask of a weekend?




  1. I knew your party would be great fun! I must confess I couldn't tell who you were by your socks but I love that picture.

    One of our sons has been to that theatre but I can't remember when or what they saw. Imagine that, me not remembering something!

    You did have a busy weekend and a lot of fun. I always loved listening to my daddy tell stories.

  2. What a fabulous weekend you had. The play sounds like it was fun. So glad you got to spend time with Pop and Joy. Sounds like the party at your home was a hit. No I do not know which foot is yours but what a great idea for a gift & picture.

  3. I think your entire weekend was spent "in flight"! I do love that play, and was just thinking of it this morning, wondering what the very first audience (all adults, I think) thought of that wonderful little story, and how enthusiastic that staid, upright Brit group in their white-tie-and-tails was when they clapped for Tink to be OK.

    Was it a discreet little golf clap, or cheers and whistles? I suspect the former, but it HAS endured, so audiences must have been more vigorous through the years.

    Your party looks such fun—I LOVE Sunday School Parties—everyone arrives in decorated red sweaters and a breath of chill air, and that sets the tone for a lovely evening.

    Ours was like that last night, as well. No fancy socks, but plenty of cookies.

  4. Sounds like a perfect way to begin celebrating the holidays. I loved the "class picture," but couldn't tell which sock was yours either.

    It's wonderful that you, Joy, and your Pop can share things like the play. You all look terrific and I always enjoy reading about the things you do together — especially your and Joy's "adventures." I still laugh about the story of her picking you and Alex up at the hospital and driving on the SIDEWALK … lol

  5. I love the way you three do things together. I miss my dad so much.

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