I had big plans for today.  So much to do…and time is not going to stop for me.  However, my body would not cooperate with me today, so, I’ve spent it on the couch instead.  To pass the time, I’ve taken a little trip through the Internet.  Somewhere along the way,  I ran across these old ads.  I thought they were a hoot!  Couldn’t get away with running some of these today!  Enjoy!

Remember the days when you would gather your extended family and go look at typewriters?  🙂

Already wrapped in a beautiful gift box for your convenience!  Now, will someone please unwrap Santa?

I sincerely hope Mom and Dad don’t expect all 5 boys to share just one bike!

Have you ever tried to iron while sitting?  Could be why the Rid-Jid company went out of business so soon!

I would have been happy with one of these.  Wait a minute!  I HAD one of these!  Really!

We had a big white Plymouth Fury…but I don’t remember ever getting this excited about it!

So glad these went out of style before I was old enough to wear them…I’m afraid my OCD tendencies would have run wild trying to keep the seams straight!   But, cute shoes!

Two front teeth?  That’s all?  Sure?

I can assure you this would NOT be a beautiful way to say ‘Merry Christmas” at my house.

And remember…”Always use Christmas Seals.”