If you are not a regular reader, you may be thinking there’s some foul play afoot, due to this title.   But, no, just one more post before I get back to what I was blogging about before a certain little butterbean made his appearance…4 weeks too early, I might add.  Not that I am complaining, mind you…just explaining. 

I have been to the hospital today, where the other Owens’ family is camping out.  They got some good news last night.  There had been some concern as to infection in the blood, but the tests FINALLY came back negative.  That’s a very good thing…cause that would have been an additional problem.  Also, this fellow likes to eat!  The Dr. says that children with the RSV virus usually refuse to eat….but not our boy…his appetite has actually increased!    He lost some weight after he came home, but today he is weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds 13 ounces!Isn’t that just wonderful?  Isn’t God good!  He must be speaking into that sweet bitty ear saying, “Come on, Levi, you can do it!  Try another 1/2 ounce!”  He’s still sleeping alot. but no more antibiotics, or IV fluids.  Today they are trying him with no oxygen.  He seemed to be fine while I was there, but we’ll know more when the Dr. visits.

As I entered the hospital room this morning,  this is what I saw…

So, I went in for a close up…or two..

…and just to prove he does open his mouth for more than just a bottle…

He stirred and woke and we changed a diaper or two…and then he decided to take another bottle.  Which he did.  Then, snuggling up close to Mom,   his little eyes got very sleepy again.   I snapped this on my way out…and tiptoed to the door.   (Mom was snoozing by now, too).

And, the sad, sad ending of this tale……I did not get my hands on him…not even once!  Oh, well…there’s always tomorrow!

ADDENDUM:  I just heard from Suzanne, and Levi is not getting the oxygen he needs.  They tried him without it some today, but the Dr. said the levels were too low for him to even consider letting him go home.  His levels have got to get higher and stay higher for a while.  So, looks like it will probably be on into another week.  But, that is nooooooo problem.  He is right where he needs to be.  Whatever we need to do, we will.  How fortunate they are that they have family and friends here to help if need be.

So, we covet your continued prayers as Little Levi continues to rest and grow and get his lungs all strong and healthy.  Cause, he’s gonna need good lung power when I teach him to sing all the songs I know!   😮