A VERY FULL WEEK END…….part 2…Sunday

After recovering from Saturday, I was ready to tackle Sunday. Ian had come home from Birmingham to be here for Father’s Day. That meant all the kids would be with us.

Several weeks ago, Pop told Joy that he wanted to have everybody at his house for Father’s Day. The last time we all gathered at his house for a meal was Father’s Day, 2009. Mom died 3 weeks later. We have not all gathered together there since she died. So, we made plans to do just this. As it turned out, I had agreed to do VBS before I knew about this, and Joy had agreed to help me. So, Joy told me that if I could find someone to replace her…she would do all the cooking. Sounded like a deal to me!!! (Just kidding). My friend, Monty, agreed to come and help. That freed Joy up. And, cook she did. She has definitely inherited Mom’s talent for cooking yummy meals. She outdid herself on Sunday. Here she is with Tara.

Our sweet Lori was able to be with us after she got off work. Her hubby, Ben is at Guard this week. He has been on Dauphin Island for the past several weeks working on the barriers they are trying to get built for that awful oil that’s on the way.

And here are Ian and Suzanne acting silly!

Looks as if Adam needs lessons on holding baby boys!

We had a wonderful time visiting with each other. Ian had to leave soon after lunch to get back to Birmingham. And, we missed Ben being with us. But the time together was sweet. Here are the Fathers:

And, the newest Father in our family, Will with sweet John Thomas…

At the end of the day, Alex and I sat and talked about the day. Thankful for our Fathers, missing Mom and Granny, and reflecting on the many blessings God continues to bestow on our family. One of which is the fact that Alex was able to be with us for the day!




  1. What a sweet, warm family gathering, and all the cooperation and teamwork made it even more special. What a loving family you have!!

  2. Glad that the day went so well. What is VBS? I can't believe that it is going to be year already since your mother passed. ((HUGS))

  3. I finally caught up with your last several posts. As you know, I am VERY familiar with VBS. This will be the first year in a very long time that I am not in charge of VBS music. Our church in Lancaster County loves doing VBS.

    I love that you were able to be at your dad's house on Sunday. Oh, and the old pictures too!! Especially the one from 1986. I think I knew you back then too, hahahahaha!!

  4. You have such a sweet family, Tonja … I know your dad was pleased that you all could celebrate Father's Day at his house … and I know your heart was overflowing with love and thanksgiving, especially having Alex there with you, too. What sweet, sweet memories were captured in the pictures.

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