Jezebelle: “Hot, hot day! What would any fun-loving furry girl do on a day like this? Why! Head to the pool, of course. Now, tell the truth…am I cute in my new pink polka dot life jacket…or what?!!!

OK. Got to get in the pool. My Mama’s gonna bug me to death until I do. So, here I go…OH, I hope it’s not cold!

That’s enough! That’s enough! I hope you’re happy! Just look at my hair!

Wait a minute! Who is THAT? A boy, coming to my pool? How dare he? Would you look? He’s hogging the big float! No Fair!!!!

MAMA!!!! I want to get on that float! I saw it first! I was here before he was! I’m getting on! I am…..

M-A-M-A!!!!!! He’s not even looking at me!!! He won’t play! Hold me Mama…I’m not happy!

Now, look at him! He’s acting like he owns that float! That’s Aunt’s Tonja’s float!!! No, I’m really not happy!!!

I’m ready to go, Mama. Come on, come on! I’m sad, Mama. That boy messed up everything! Let’s go back to my house, so I can get back on my throne and be the “Prettiest Girl In The Land”. M ‘K Mama?

JT: “Finally! I thought that furry girl would NEVER leave! Peace and Quiet!” Now, they can all concentrate on ME!!!”

And, that’s the way it happened at the pool behind the Creek House yesterday!