Thought you may like an update on the Creek House. These are 2 pictures of the front door and the front of the studio. I think here you can see how beautiful the mortar wash is. I love it! And, don’t you love the beams on the front porch?

My furniture, from the gallery in Savannah, was delivered today. I was so excited to see my table. And it is better than I thought it could be. I love the color and the finish. To think of the history in this magnificent old door just makes me happy. I don’t want you to worry that I will have to sit on the floor to eat. It does have legs…they are just not attached yet. The table weighs over 400 pounds,is 10 feet long, and it was hard enough to move it without adding the weight of the legs.

I have had a vision in this scattered brain of mine since our family started growing with children, and nieces and nephews, and now husbands and wives of children and nieces and nephews. I have wanted us to be able to gather together at one table…at one time…and every body share together. And now we can. Now I don’t promise to prepare all the food to fill this massive table…hey, I built the house to house the table…but I’ll set the table, and make the Sweet Tea. I may even fix a dish or two…but Mom and Joy are the real cooks. It’s really gonna happen. I’ve got the family…and now I have the table. I have a fireplace and I have a beautiful floor. I have 1/2 of a kitchen…I just need the house…and the go ahead to move in! It’s getting closer…the house…and the dream. Now, where can I find some chairs?….or we may really have to sit on the floor!