I took a short trip yesterday…to the backyard. I had noticed something in a tree and went out to investigate. Sure enough, it was what I thought it was. A turning leaf in my beautiful tree. The first sign I have seen of fall. (Other than the horrendous Hall*w**n displays that scream at you as you walk in so many stores…they don’t signal fall, however, since they have been howling since July 5!)

As we strolled through the yard, Scooter and I, it occurred to me how many things I do not even pay attention to anymore. Things that have been in my backyard for years that have become part of the permanent landscape. Since I am still on a sentimental streak, I was reminded that those things will soon be gone. Suzanne and Adam will come in and make this place their own. And rightfully so! So, here is a few of the forgotten treasures in my yard. Enjoy the tour!
This is a rusty old angel that has hung on the deck for at least 15 years. She is at the entrance to the backyard. I have tried to get her to fly straight…but she has always had a mind of her own and refuses to ‘straighten up.’ So, I decided that was the way she was meant to fly and let her stay that way. Which is similar to some lessons I learned about raising boys along the way. 🙂

This is my favorite long time tenant here in the Owens Outback. I just love this moss that settled here and slowly started covering this pot. I am so ignorant of growing things, and I know this is nothing special…just some ordinary ‘ole stuff that grows under trees. But, I like it…in fact I think it is beautiful! I have a fondness for things that just decide on their own where they need to be and wiggle their way in and do their thing…bringing their beauty along with them. I don’t know yet if I will take this pot and another on right beside it. I’m sort of afraid to move it. I think maybe this exact spot is the perfect place for it to be…and I doubt if A&S will find it as appealing as I do. What do you think? Can I move it safely?
And, yes, I realize that it is silly to think this much about a pot of asparagus fern covered by common ground moss.

This is another favorite piece that is a reminder of a dear uncle and great times spent together. My Uncle Arthur Lee was the husband of my Aunt Marie. He lives with Jesus now. When Joy and I spent summers with them in NC, we experienced a life very different than the one we lived the rest of the year. Along with the Pearsons and the Warrens, the Popes taught us the little we know about farm life. I did learn enough to know I never want to harvest tobacco or shell butter beans…or pick them…same with peppers…and peas…and corn. I do enjoy eating them, however…very much. (Remember the Little Red Hen?) This is an old weather vane that was on one of his barns. It will move along to the Creek House.

Since Scooter was so diligent about chasing every squirrel that dared enter his domain, this is in his honor.

Sheep have long been a favorite of mine and Joy gave me this yard sheep one Christmas. And he has grazed quietly under THE tree ever since. Even though he’s gone grey, I think he’ll be quite happy in his new home.

As you have heard me say in past posts, I really love the the natural change that occurs on metals when left in the elements. I have several bunches of stars that are stuck in pots around the yard. I much prefer green plants to flowers because my flowers don’t live. These, then are the beautiful flowers in my garden. They will go with me.

Yes, these are faded old bamboo wind chimes. There are 2 more sets hanging beside them. There is nothing of beauty here that can be seen with the eyes. Oh, but the sound! I love the slightly hollow, very mellow sound that they make. They are hanging next to a window in my den, so I can hear them while inside. One of the sets was a gift from A&S…they brought them back to me from their honeymoon in St.Lucia. As you can see, the elements do not cause these to attain a beautiful patina…but it does nothing to dampen their glorious sound. It is a curiously comforting sound and I would have left them there until they rotted and fell to the ground. Sometimes you need to overlook appearance in order to hear the beauty. They will not go with me…and they will be in the trash soon, no doubt. (But, I’ll buy more.)

Well, here’s that lone leaf that drew me out on that early September afternoon. “Change is coming!” it seems to shout. And so it is. A good change…for us and for the sweet family moving in here. I will find places for these treasures that I have deemed worthy of moving with me, and in my beautifully wooded yard, I will search for the perfect home for them. And, as life continues to unfold in our family, and in our new home, there will be new treasures added as new memories are made.