My sweet friend, Kat at Just A Beach Kat, has been doing her part to keep a smile on my face. Last week I received this award from her. I did not forget, I just have had a hard week. As I told her, there are not many things I love more than a sunny day. I love the sunshine! So, for being a ray of sunshine in my life, I pass this award on to Teresa at Living The Life. I think we could have been sisters separated at birth! It is so funny how much our lives parallel each other. Here ya go, Sister Friend!

I DO love a sunny day, but a Visa card…with NO LIMIT !!! just sets my heart a flutter! Who would not like to get one of those out of the blue? Kat was one of my first blogging friends, and we have had the chance to be together IRL several times. We would probably do some real damage if we lived closer together! In a good way, of course! 🙂 Thanks, Kat, I treasure your friendship. Since I know she well knows what to do with a Visa, I pass this award on to Andi at Fingerprints On The Glass.
She’s a wild and crazy girl, and very dear to me! Now, Andi, keep a detailed report of how you use this! 🙂 (She loves details).
Sherrie, is getting smiles from Sweet Sophie now! And, she is officially theirs! Isn’t God good? They still have more details to take care of before they are free to travel…but it won’t be long before they are back home where I can pinch those little cheeks…Sweet Sophie’s…not Sherrie’s!
On August 30, I wrote a post called MY 2 CENTS WORTH. I tried really hard to state my opinions in a non confrontational manner. I do not like confrontation. I try hard to stay away from it. In fact, I would rather run from it. BUT, I have tried to make this blog honest and truthful, and I do not mind defending my positions. There has been quite a bit of debate going on in the comments…which I love. Especially when those who disagree with me have the courtesy and the courage to identify themselves. After all, they know who I am. Just thought you may want to take a look…or not.