Friday is usually my errand day since Levi is not with me.  This past Friday, I had made plans for a haircut…BEFORE I knew that I needed to keep that sweet angel boy.  So, he and I set off on our first outing together.

Before Levi was born, we all got a car seat base to stay in our own cars.  Then the infant seat/carrier just fits right in.  It really is a very easy system that they picked out.  The carrier fits into a stroller base also.  Now the only drawback to the system is that the car seat is HEAVY!  And, with a chunk of a baby in it…WAY HEAVY!  No way I could pick it up.

So, I put the car seat in the car, then put Levi in…no problem.  And, off we went.  When I got to the salon, I got Levi out and we went in.  I got Amy to hold him while I got the seat out.  While I tried to get the seat out.  While I strained and pulled and pushed and hit buttons and did everything I could possibly think of to get it out.  But, there it stayed.

Well, I figured I would just hold him while I got my hair cut, and that is exactly what I did!



He wore his own cape and I wore mine and Amy got busy with the scissors.   Another lady held him for me a few minutes.  And, Levi never made a sound.  He was so good…a real trooper.


We finished up and I got him settled back in his car seat, and we headed home.  Don happened to be at the house when I got home and I asked him to get the car seat out, so Suzanne would not have to get it and it would be ready for her when she came to pick him up.  I told him that I couldn’t get it out before.  He looked at me and said, “You really need to be sure you know how to work things like that before you use them.”  I told him that I thought I had done it before and knew how, but obviously not.  So, he went to get it.  In a few minutes, he came back in–empty handed.  “Where’s the seat?” I asked.  Trying not to smile, he said, “I couldn’t get it out either.  We’ll have to wait till Suzanne or Adam get here.”  “Hmmmm,” I said, “You really should know how thing work before you use them.”  Looks like we BOTH needed to learn how!

The funny thing is, when Suzanne got here and showed me how, it was just the easiest thing…the one little lever I didn’t see and pull!    Bet I don’t forget that again!

She and I then drove to several stores to get Levi some warmer clothes, and some new church clothes, too.  I found him some little hats to cover his ears when it’s cold outside.  I’m a big believer in keeping those ears covered.    (I got him a stroller last week and now that it is cooler, I hope we can spend some time outside.)He was so good, and shopped without a sound.  We found some pretty good sales and got him some cute things.  But, Suzannes’s feet were hurting from working all day and I was tired from my work day with Levi.  And, Levi?  Well, he began to whimper as he always does when he gets tired and hungry.  So, I got in the back seat and gave him a bottle while Suzanne drove me home.  Those little angel eyes were closing before we got there.

Today…just a regular day,  Nothing big or spectacular…just doing the ordinary things.  But, a sweet day, nonetheless.  Being with the ones I love…happy and healthy.  I thank God for days like this!


PS…sorry about the blurry pics…they came to me via Amy’s cell phone.