Here I sit, at my computer tying desperately to learn all the new stuff and and remember it.   I am also afraid that if I do something wrong I will kill this piece of technology and that would be very bad.  And, if I could do something that bad…who knows…maybe I could put a kink into the whole blogiverse!

 And, oh, my friends, if you could help me…if you could even send me scurrying in the right direction, I would be so, so eternally grateful.

So, here’s the problem.  When I was on Blogger, I had all the blogs I correspond with regularly in a reader or something…I don’t know.  But, when you posted a new post, it would let me know.

Now, I am on WordPress.(Someone I love dearly changed me over and said it was ‘for my own good’ and I believed him.  And, he’s probably right.  But, it’s looking like I may be at least 75 years old before I can agree with him.)

So, he helped me get the blogs into a reader.  And, I can access them there.  The problem is…I have nowhere to comment.  I have looked and looked and looked on the page, and there is no comment box any where.  Which sorta negates the idea of having them in a blog reader if I still have to go to the site to comment.


 This is the state I find myself in at the moment.  And, I am very frustrated.   If any of you have any knowledge on the subject and would share with me…I would forever be in your debt.  Plus I will sing your praises from the top of my blog, in living color, even. Because really, this just isn’t the best look for me…



 And, I thank you ever so kindly for your consideration.