Jezebelle: “Hot, hot day! What would any fun-loving furry girl do on a day like this? Why! Head to the pool, of course. Now, tell the truth…am I cute in my new pink polka dot life jacket…or what?!!!

OK. Got to get in the pool. My Mama’s gonna bug me to death until I do. So, here I go…OH, I hope it’s not cold!

That’s enough! That’s enough! I hope you’re happy! Just look at my hair!

Wait a minute! Who is THAT? A boy, coming to my pool? How dare he? Would you look? He’s hogging the big float! No Fair!!!!

MAMA!!!! I want to get on that float! I saw it first! I was here before he was! I’m getting on! I am…..

M-A-M-A!!!!!! He’s not even looking at me!!! He won’t play! Hold me Mama…I’m not happy!

Now, look at him! He’s acting like he owns that float! That’s Aunt’s Tonja’s float!!! No, I’m really not happy!!!

I’m ready to go, Mama. Come on, come on! I’m sad, Mama. That boy messed up everything! Let’s go back to my house, so I can get back on my throne and be the “Prettiest Girl In The Land”. M ‘K Mama?

JT: “Finally! I thought that furry girl would NEVER leave! Peace and Quiet!” Now, they can all concentrate on ME!!!”

And, that’s the way it happened at the pool behind the Creek House yesterday!




  1. Your narrative is almost as cute as those pictures! And the ink—pink for her and blue for JT—aren't you the clever one?

    What a lovely afternoon you all must have had—I'd have surely dropped the camera in the water from laughing at all of you and your antics.


  2. What fun! … JT is adorable and seems perfectly at home on "his" float. And bless Jezebelle's heart … tell her she was cute, too, all decked out in her "itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy, pink polka dot life jacket!

    How cute, Tonja … you outdid yourself!

  3. I love that raft, it's so nice and big! I remember our dog Maggie, she was an avid swimmer in our pool, she was really a great swimmer. I know that Skye would love it too! Thanks for the cute story.

  4. Hilarious, Tonja!! Both “kids” are just toooo cute!

    I was just telling Destiny about her first trip to State College when she was only 1 week old. Lisa and George had come to PA with their two little Yorkies and we all took a day trip to visit Anthony in State College. Of course, newborn Destiny was the main attraction, and Lisa’s girl dog could NOT handle playing second fiddle. She would have nothing to do with that baby! Dogs can be so human sometimes!

  5. Several asked……raft…$16.99…….TJ MAXX

    and worth every penny!

  6. Oh, the visitors to your pool are sooooo much cuter and sweeter than the ones I've had lately!

    Cute photos.


  7. So cute! For a moment there, I thought you had a new doggy.

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