I found this delightful piece of art in some of my picture files.  The prayer written within made me laugh..especially a few of the words…you’ll know which ones.   There was no information other than what is included on the piece.  And, try as I may, even with a huge magnifying glass, I can not read the name written sideways at the bottom of the card.  So, I do not know who to give credit to.  If you do, please pass along the info, so I can give the artist credit.  And, he/she deserves to be credited for this amusing piece.  Enjoy!

PS.  Please take no offense that I wrote the words to the prayer out for you.  I am sure none of my readers have any need of a magnifying glass, and could probably read this just fine with no aid whatsoever.  However, I had to use my handheld magnifier to read the instructions on the box of Rice-a-Roni tonight.  I’m now getting the large print Sunday School books. I already wear TRI-FOCALS!!!   This is not something I am proud of, in fact, it distresses me greatly.  However, I really did enjoy the look on the cashier’s face in Michael’s the other day when I pulled the glass  out to read the expiration date on my coupon!  (I tend to lose things if they are small and inconspicuous…so this magnifier is 10 inches high…and the glass is 4 1/2 inches across).  She tried to stifle a smile.  I fixed my steely glare on her and said, “Be very careful, my dear.  My grandma told me this would happen if I laughed at her.  I laughed anyway, and look at me now.”  Then, I told her that my coupon had expired.   She gave me my 40% off anyway.

Dearest God,

One day I will be old.  One day my body will be six inches lower than it is now.  But, before I sag…will I have learnt how to be a decent human being?  Can I…through practice…not become selfish, cranky, arrogant, grumpy?  I don’t mind becoming a saggyugly,wrinklycrinkly lady…if in the meantime I learn how to act stunningly beautiful.       AMEN


Forgive me, please, if I don’t share with you how many more inches I have to go.