At the risk of losing all of my readers (the faithful few, I call them)…I am going to post about Levi again.  Yes, I am.  I can’t help myself.  You all just need to know this and I just need to share it.  It has always been one of my problems to keep my mouth shut.  I tend to tell my friends everything.  Yet, you seem to love me anyway.  I’m just so glad I can share my heart with you.  But, if you are tired of hearing about this wonder child…this boy among boys…this sweet angel, Levi…I will understand if you skip this post.   But come right back, OK?  And, just don’t tell me about it.


I just lost 4 whole paragraphs!  Have you seen them?  I have no idea under God’s beautiful blue sky where they went!!!  I was busy typing along and looked up and there was nothing there.  Disappeared, I tell you!   WHOOSH!  Gone!  I just find it hard to understand that I can not get a grip on this computer.  (So, OK, you may not have the same trouble understanding it…but I do not want to hear about it. thank you very much!)  What would cause it to just eat up my paragraphs?  Did it not like the first one?  It stayed.  Where do they go when they go?  This bothers me.  Do they end up in Greece or Rome or Italy and just pop up randomly on some one’s computer?  Are they going to show up in some high-flying boardroom today and get some poor employee in trouble?  Do they just go up, up, up, in orbit and fly around and around and around the world?  I really wonder these things.  I did NOT delete them, so they are still written somewhere.  Right?  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.    …END OF INTERRUPTION…

OK.   Back to my post.  Last week, I was able to do one of the things I have wanted and prayed for.  I was able to keep  sweet Levi while his parents worked.  I am keeping him 3 days a week and his other grandmother, Mary, is keeping him the other two.  What fun we had!  Nothing I had to do but sit and hold him and look at him and laugh at him and sing to him and rock him to sleep and then watch him sleep!  What a job, huh?  I know there are those of you who do the same.  And I know that those of you with grandchildren think YOURS is the cutest/smartest/most wonderful grandchild ever.  And, you know what?  They are!  That’s the magic thing about grandchildren…all of them are  right up there at the tippy top of wonderfullness! (Is that even a word?  Should be)  Spellcheck said ‘NO’.)


So, on his first day staying at Lulu’s house (that’s me, Lulu)…here is a collage of faces that makes me laugh and smile and thank God for this gift.

I have tried to click on this pic to make sure it will enlarge.  But, when I do, the whole picture goes away and I have to upload it again.  But, Alex said it would enlarge, so I’ll have to trust him.  Enjoy!

Oh…I might as well show you this one, too.  It was made last week, too.  But, trust me on this…it’s better if you do NOT try to enlarge this one!

You do know, don’t you, that water makes things seem much wider than normal….just saying….