I’ve been thinking about posting this for some time, and it’s not as easy as you may think. Here goes:
Choose 5 people who you would like to spend the day with. They can be living or deceased. Exclude immediate family and friends. Why did you choose these people?

1. President Bush. I would love to see the inner working of the White House. I admire President Bush and I think he is a fine man. What a position he is in. I would like to pray with him and let him know that I support him and appreciate what a tough job he has.

2. Joyce Meyer. It seems as if every time I hear her speak on T.V. she has something to say directly to me. She speaks in such a direct and forthright manor, that it is easy to understand just what her message is. There is no beating around the bush with her. She states it clear and plain. I would like to just have a conversation one on one with her.

3. Oprah Winfrey. I do enjoy watching her program and I think she tries to serve humankind in the things she undertakes. What bothers me is that she says that she is a christian, but I never hear her talk about the saving grace of Jesus. I know that she tries to represent all sides of a subject, but I’ve never heard her say anything that makes me think she really knows the Lord. I should not judge, but I would just like to make sure she knows the truth.

4. Elizabeth Owens. This is my mother-in-law who passed away about a year and a half ago. We all miss her so much. I find that there are things I never asked her or talked to her about and I would love to have that chance. She died unexpectedly, so we were not prepared for her early home going.

5. I do not even know this person’s name. I am looking for the foremost authority on pain in the world. My middle son suffers from a disease called cerebellar atrophy. He is in constant, severe pain. We have been all over the country to specialist after specialist, and we have received no help. I know there is someone who has an answer for him. If I had a whole day with his/her attention…maybe we could get somewhere.

So….who would you choose? Word of caution…it’s hard to choose just 5.