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I am so blessed to have my mom. We have always lived in the same city except when I was away at college. She is tiny…in body only…her spirit is tremendous. She always looks for ways to help others. I could write on and on about how she blesses me every day. But, I want to tell you of a particularly kind thing she did for Alex yesterday. My mother in law, Elizabeth, died 2 years ago, and we all miss her greatly. She was a wonderful cook. Just good ole country cooking. She had a particular cake that she would make for my boys on their birthdays…a black forest cake. It was divine. And it never lasted long around the house. Well, my mom, Eloise, got Elizabeth’s recipe and made Alex one of Grandma’s cakes. Now, my mom is a terrific cook also and has her own specialties as well. I just think it was so kind of her to make Grandma’s cake for Alex because she knows how much he loves it. It would have been so much easier to make her own that she was familiar with. But, that’s just the way she is. Thanks, Mom!