Hi, my name is Tonja, and I am glad to have you stopping by my site. I live in south Alabama. I am a mother of 3 grown boys. My husband and I own a Powersports business. I got my degree in nursing,and have used it extensively…at home. My first son was diagnosed with cancer at age 4. He is 32 now, married to a wonderful girl. My third son was born with a cleft lip and pallate. He also has a heart condition . He is 24 and in graduate school now. My second son is 25 and homebound. He has a very mysterious condition for which we are still trying to get information. He is in severe pain at all times and it effects his balance and vision as well. I am going to write about their stories one by one on this blog and talk about how God has given my husband and I grace and mercy to make it through….and keep a small amount of sanity. I work now as a music teacher in a private kindergarten. How can you feel bad when you are around precious little ones? We are very active in our Southern Baptist Church…and I am the Preschool Director there. My Mom and Dad live here in town as does my sister and her family. How blessed we are to all be together. If you look back at some of my previous posts, you will see pictures of my family and friends. Thanks for visiting me. I am fairly new to blogging, and I have soooo much to learn. But isn’t it fun? Party on!