This is beginning to be fun. I have wanted to vent all these annoyances to someone…and you’re it!
I can not stand to see those little shoulder “knobbies”(my word). You know, where the fabric stands up on your shoulder where the hangers have been. I can not believe the number of people I see with them. Do they ever look in the mirror? Don’t they know…having worn clothes for years…that this will happen,especially if you use wire hangers? People who have spent big money on the latest fashions will show up all decked out …complete with their little “wings”. I have seen prominent people, at important functions, standing up to speak…shoulder knobbies standing at attention. I can’t hear what they’re saying for what they’re wearing! If they don’t pay attention to small details like that…maybe I don’t need to hear what they are saying.
Now, dear readers, if you are guilty of this…I will come to your rescue. There are several easy things you can do to save yourself from this fashion DON’T.
1. Lay the open shoulder seam on the ironing board and steam it flat.
2. Invest in a small hand held steamer and aim it right at the problem area.
3. Use padded hangers…with curved edges.
4. After you put on your clothing…spray offending area with a misting bottle,
then smooth it out to dry…or you can blast it with your hairdryer, on low.
5. Try one of those wrinkle releaser products in a spray can.(I heard about this
from a friend…haven’t tried it yet.)
So there you go. Easy solutions to a major fashion mistake. Please avail yourself to one of these remedies. The rest of us will be so grateful.
Thank you very much.