If you have looked at the news today, you have seen pictures of Enterprise, AL. I live about 30 miles from there. Yesterday was a terrifying day for all of us in this area. Once we got the warning, we rushed to get our little preschoolers home and the teachers as well. The skies were ominous. And they kept telling us it was going to get worse. The tornado struck in Enterprise around 1 p.m. What a tragedy. They only had around 25 minutes warning and made the decision to keep the kids at school until it passed, rather than have them on the roads of home alone. A wise decision, I think. Many more would have been killed if they had been in the parking lot or on the roads. My town was spared that wave, in fact it never really rained too bad. Then last night , it got ugly again. We had a warning here. There was tremendous lightning and rain, but short-lived. Nothing ever struck here. Thank God! Please keep the people in Enterprise,AL in your prayers. It is a nice little town, full of fine people. Their high school is totally demolished and 8 of their classmates dead. One was still missing as of last night. God is a God of awesome power and through His grace, more lives were not lost.