It is now 6:54 on December 4, 2012 and I have just been made aware of some delicious news. I couldn’t wait to share it with you…but, I would have much rather shared it earlier in the day.  I could have joined in and celebrated it with the best of them, but, alas, it’s not to be.  I’m in and I’m staying in!  After the day I’ve had, I am not about to get dressed and get back out on the highways and byways of life…if you know what I mean.  (You couldn’t know, of course~but that’s another story for another day).  But, listen, don’t feel too bad.  After much thought…10 minutes worth at least…I’ve come up with what I feel like is a sensible solution to our distress at missing this wonderful day someone put so much thought into that they made it a ‘national day’.  We can just begin our festivities soon after arising tomorrow.  I think it will be fine with the person in charge…after all they didn’t do too good of a job getting the word out there, now did they?

Anyway,  I hereby designate tomorrow, December 5, 2012, as National Cookie Day Make Up Day.  Start early, friends and celebrate all day.  Break out your rolling pin and flour and sugar and sprinkles and butter and milk and icing and make yourself several dozen or so cookies of your choice!  Or, do as I do, and hit the nearest bakery as soon as they have enough time to get the first batch going.  Call ahead, even, and order several varieties of your favorites.  In case you are wondering…and I know some of you are, even if you’re too embarrassed to admit it…it is perfectly acceptable to have cookies for breakfast on this important day…especially if they are oatmeal raisin!  And, really, to do justice to this day, you should spread your cookie consumption over the whole day.  Might as well make the goodness last as long as possible…RIGHT?

I INTERUPT THIS POST FOR A PUBLIC COOKIE ANOUNCEMENTCookies were invented when bakers began testing cake batter in small quantities to test taste.  Soon they discovered these small delights tasted good on their own…and the cookie was born!


And because I have your best interest at heart, and because I’m the boss of National Cookie Day Make Up Day, I have gone one step further than whomever had the bright idea of National Cookie Day and forgot to get the word out!  On tomorrow and tomorrow only…no cookie consumed between the hours of 6:00 AM til 10:00 PM will be allowed to contain calories!  So, you bakers and cookie makers, don’t even think about putting them in there!  (This rule does not apply to brownies…being they’re medicinal and all…sorry.

Friends, enjoy tomorrow, celebrate the day with abandon.  I’m going to start my order list tonight…P-Nut Butter Cookies, Mrs. Betty’s Chocolate Chip Cookies,  Red and Green Sugar Cookies (cut into Christmas shapes), Sand Tarts, those ‘orangey things I don’t know the name of” that my friend Juliann makes…well, you get the idea.  Enjoy a medley of cookie goodness!

And, if, per chance, you got the memo and DID celebrate today, just ignore the above!