My son, Ian, called me at work about noon to give me a report on the doctors visit for Don. He says the doctor thinks it is a benign tumor, but it could be malignant. Most of the tumors in this area of the brain are benign. They are going to watch it for 8 weeks and then make a decision as to what needs to be done. Don is travelling home from Birmingham now, and I will get more details when he gets here. My smart son, the one who I birthed, who learned at my knee for many years, who takes after me in so many ways….recorded the visit and will send me a copy of the recording. So, I can hear the whole thing for myself. Yes…he’s a smart one, a real keeper. I feel real good knowing he is using that way too expensive recording device that he just HAD to have to stay current in all his classes. And, truth be told, he knows I would ask way too many questions that he would have to answer, so this is a much easier and more efficient way.

I’ll fill you in when I have more info. Thanks for caring and praying!