Enough , already, of all these scary creatures. You know all this talk of snakes and mice and others unpleasant critters. This is the sweet thing that has made its home with me. I kept seeing these 2 dove around my deck and they would fly off the minute I opened the back door. So, I kept watch and sure enough, they were making a nest….in a hanging basket that I had not replanted this year. In a day or two…there it was…a perfect little egg. I am so honored this sweet little dove family chose to nest by my back door. Sweet Thing and Chubby Hubby. Now, what has been so sweet to watch is how when Sweet Thing flies away, Chubby Hubby comes and takes over the egg duty. Then, when she comes back, he will take his place back in the tree that shades my deck….keeping watch over his little family. How amazing that these little birds have such instinct. How marvelous of our God to cause even the little birds to care for one another. And to think that He cares for each and every one of these, and watches over them…just as He cares and watches over me. How great is our God!

“All together now-applause for God!

Sing songs to the tune of His glory,

Set glory to the rhythms of His praise….

The whole earth falls to its knees–

It worships You, sings to You…

Take a good look at God’s wonders–

They will take your breath away!…

Now isn’t that cause for a song?”

Psalms 66: 1-5
(sorry, the pics are not too good)