Jill played this game on her blog, and offered to provide us a letter if we wanted to play along. (Of course, that was back in February…but, I just get to things when I can…you understand.) I did, and she chose the letter ‘F’. So, here 10 things I love that start with the letter ‘F’.

1.FAMILY…there is no greater earthly blessing than a family who loves and cares for one another. I am blessed beyond measure by each member. My husband, my Mom and Pop…my sister, Joy and husband, Tommy…their daughters, Tara and Lori and husbands, Will,and in May, Ben. My boys and DIL, Suzanne. My husband’s family…his parents live with Jesus…and his sisters, Beth and June. And, of course the 4 legged member…Scooter.

2.FRIENDS…oh how blessed I am with friends. I can honestly say that there are people I know who I could call on for anything at any time for any reason. It would be taken care of…no questions asked. My friends show me unconditional love…the truest kind.

3.FUN…I do not think you ever get too old to have fun! And fun, and joy is contagious! One of my favorite quotes is: “ACT OLD LATER”.

4. FALL…one of the most beautiful times of the year. I love the colors of fall, the smell of fall, the foods of fall, the activities of fall, the clothes of fall.

5. FLOWERS…OH, MY! Is there anything as lovely as a flower growing in soil? Whether it is in a formal garden, or in an open meadow, in a huge container garden, or just a single bloom in a simple clay pot. Big or little. One bloom or many. Spectacular prize roses, elegant calla lilies. or the humble daisy. The intricacies it took to create each flower so different in looks, and in fragrance, speaks to the great art of God. Even the weeds that produce little yellow flowers almost overnight in an open area around our school…are most special when presented to the teacher by a grubby little hand. Take time to see them…and smell them…and be thankful for them.

6. FOOD…”O, taste and see that the Lord is good…” Psalms 34:8. In my opinion, though, He did some of his best work with chocolate and fruits. And, I think the world would be just as well off without turnips, beets, or asparagus. I’m just saying…

7. FASHION…Now, there have been times in my life when I have cared more about fashion than I do right at this time. I think it has something to do with the fact that my new closet has caused all my clothes to shrink.!!! But, I love to watch the fashion shows, and see the newest collections. Not that I would ever wear them, But it is interesting to see how the trends play out when they make it down to us ‘real folk’. I especially love fashion accessories…shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. Even, if your clothes have shrunk…these can give you quite a lift.

8. FABRIC…I’m not a ‘sewer’…that looks like ‘sewer’…but it is supposed to be ‘sew-er’…as in ‘one who sews’…I’m not that, nor am I a sewer..and obviously, not a very good speller. ANYWAY…
I love fabric and use it a lot. One of my favorite things to design is tablescapes. And I like to use fabric for this, as a bottom layer. I also use fabric to tie around almost everything. I use it in place of ribbon. When, I see a beautiful piece of fabric, it can start my imagination running wild. I just like to take my stash out and look at it. Actually, I do have a sewing machine. I got it several years ago. I got pretty good on those straight stitch seams. Made a whole bunch of cloth napkins…a whole bunch! But, the bobbin thing is just a nuisance…and frustrating…and hard. And the threading the little loops through the maze at the top and down to the needle just seems an unnecessary bother. If someone made a machine that just did that automatically…with very little input from me…I think I could probably be a pretty good sewer…I mean seamstress!

9. FREEDOM…I am so thankful, and so blessed to live in America. I am blessed to live where I can be what I want, say what I want, live like I want. Even with all the discontent and uneasiness in the government right now…I still believe America is the greatest country in the world. We know that with the financial situation like it is…as bad as it is…will not last forever. We are Americans! I say that with pride. I also know that freedom did not come cheap. It has been bought with blood…the blood of many young lives who also loved this country. Loved it enough to fight for it…and die for it. “God bless all our fighting forces. Give them wisdom and protection and bring them home safely. Give them rest and food and proper equipment. Clear the paths in front of them as they travel. Put your army of angels around our army to keep them safe. AMEN”. AMERICA…Home of the free…BECAUSE of the brave.

10.FOREIGN SOIL…I love to travel. And, it is wonderful to visit far away lands and different cultures. There is so much to learn from others…and so much to see that is different from what we know. We have been fortunate to do much travelling in the US…but we have spent several vacations in Mexico…and not always in the touristy spots. We have also travelled to Japan twice. What a place. Fascinating. I think they could teach us much about many things. The people were open and friendly and very helpful. But, even there, with all the history and beauty…there is still no place like home.
This was fun. And, it really made me think. If you would like to play along…let me know and I will send you a letter, too. And, it’s just fine with me if you take a month or two to get around to playing. 🙂