Today. I am glad it is almost over. I really do thank God for every day that He gives me…but, today, was not my most favorite.

I woke up this morning about 4:00 with a killer migraine. I hate when that happens. Usually the ones that wake me up in the early morning are the worst. I took some meds, but not too much, because I needed to be at school today. I got dressed and tried to go, but, I could tell it was just not going to happen. So, I called in sick. Then I took some stronger meds, went back to bed and got up again around 10. I felt a little better. But, those meds make you feel yucky.

This afternoon we went to see the vet to discuss the plans for our sweet dog, Scooter. Boy, was that a hard thing. He told us that his cancer was well advanced and in all the lymph nodes. With chemo, he may have 6 months to a year…but probably most of that time he would be quite ill from the effects of the treatment. Without it, he may have 4-6 months. Alex, made the decision not do the chemo. And, we agreed, and the vet, that this was the best decision. He is going to treat him with steroids, which will probably shrink the lymph nodes and that will be good. He has one that is pressing on his trachea and causing him to cough a lot. This should help that. Surprisingly, other than the cough, he still acts as happy and healthy as always. He is not eating a lot, but he has gone through spells of that before, too.

Alex told the vet, through tears, that he had had Scooter almost the whole time he has been sick. This dog has been through it all with him. So, we are all sad tonight. I am sure we will learn tough lessons through this, which, hopefully, we can use to be a help to others who may go through the same thing.