The director of our school, BW, is a beautiful, godly woman. She has such a heart for our children and has amassed years of experience and wisdom is dealing with them. Not that she’s ‘old’ enough to have amassed years of wisdom or anything…she’s younger than I. But, she has worked with children for many years…and I’d better stop right there before I get myself in trouble.

On Fridays, our school has a chapel program for all the children. BW does all the teaching, and I do the music. We privately call it the B and Tonja show. 🙂 And yes, we stand in front of all the children and 20 teachers and dance and sing just like we were professionals. It’s not always pretty, but it is always fun! Then BW tells the Bible story and we sing some more and they leave to go back to their classes.

Last week, we began a series of teaching about the parables that Jesus taught. Now, you and I know that Jesus told stories to illustrate a lesson He wanted to teach. In fact, the song we teach the children about parables, states, “…a parable is a story that show God’s ways to you.” But, when you are explaining to a preschooler about parables, it must be explained very carefully. They are beginning to learn that ‘telling a story’ could mean a lie. And telling a lie is wrong. Of course, we can understand this, but to a 3 or a 4 or a 5 or a 6, it could be a different matter. Preschoolers are literal minded. They have not learned all the ways teaching takes place. BW is very aware of this and is extremely careful in all the things she says to be sure there is no misunderstanding. And, as she taught yesterday about the parable of the sower, she explained carefully that Jesus was trying to help the people understand his lesson.

After school, another teacher gathered some of us together to tell us about a conversation that took place in her room at the end of the day.

Mary: (whining)…”Teacher, Jim says he doesn’t want to marry me and have children.”

Teacher: “That’s OK, Mary, you’ll meet lots of other boys before it is time to think about things like that.”

Mary: (still whining)… “Well, Emily says he is in love with her and going to marry her. But, that’s just a lie…or a parable.” 🙂