This is what is happening at my house…and it has been for the last 4 days. There are men in trees, men on the ground, men driving machines. And, the noise! Lots of it!

When we built, we decided to leave as many trees as we could…and it really was pretty! BUT it was way too snaky in the back yard…sort of like a jungle! And, we discovered that quite a few of the trees were diseased. So, Don decided it’s time to cut down, weed out, and carry away!

It is sort of scary to sit here and watch those men hanging in the trees. They are tied in with ropes and the chainsaws are tied in, too. When they finish cutting a limb, they just drop the chainsaw and let it dangle. Then they pull it up again when they need it! My little friend, Lucy Jane, and I sat and watched them yesterday from my big window in the studio. Neither one of us felt very comfortable with what we were seeing. We soon decided closing the blinds made us both happier!

I did manage to stake a claim to the trees right outside the same window. They are so pretty and green. And, even though some of the trees in those two clumps are just scrubs, together they make a wonderful mixture of greens in every shade! I pleaded and begged for them not to cut down my little stand of trees. The limbs at the top of this stand are so flimsy that they curve and bend making a delightful walkway between the two. Not that any human could ever use it, of course. But, the squirrels think it is perfect. And they use it all through the day. What kind of host would I be if I let the tree cutting men take away their walkway?

They have a little riding thing called a Bobcat. It’s quite powerful, I’ve learned. But, they drive it like they are on a race track! Using the huge claw on the front of the Bobcat, they go and pick up the trees they felled and carry them to the big dump truck on the street. And then the Bobcat chews up all the foliage that is left on the ground and spits it back out as a nice mulch for the ground.

So, no naps around here, just the whine of the chainsaw! Hopefully, we’ve only got another day or two to go!

This won’t be a problem for me…but if too many trees are cut down elsewhere…this could be the result! 🙂