When, pray tell, did it become so taxing to make a phone call, that the whole world has had to go to automated calling?!? How many automated calls do you get a day? I get them from the doctors office, confirming appointments, I get them from the drug store telling me my prescriptions are due to be refilled, I get them from political groups asking me to join their cause, I get them from the politicians themselves asking me to vote for them, I get them from churches telling me to bring my children to VBS, I get them from credit card companies telling me my bill is past due…and I don’t even have their card!!! I get them from my college asking me to help send some one’s else’s child to college. Yeah, right. And, then I find myself wasting a perfectly good ‘mad’, because there is no one on the other end to be mad at….only a machine.

No. No, that is not a picture of me. But, it is possible that I have a somewhat similar look on my face when I get the 5th phone call in a day asking me to vote for so and so for Governor! Or Commissioner. Or Judge.

Today…yes, today, SUNDAY, I have received 5 calls asking for my vote. I just hang up. But, it’s not like I’m being rude or anything…it’s just a machine!!! If they don’t care enough to ask for my vote in person…I don’t care enough to vote for them.

And, polls. Do you get phone calls asking your opinion about people running for some office? I had one of these the other day. It was from a real person. The man asked who I was going to vote for for something. I told him, and he wanted to know why I was not going to vote for his candidate. I told him it was because I had heard that his candidate hired people to make annoying phone calls to voters in the state where they asked silly and annoying questions. He thanked me and hug up.

This just happened…I promise…just now as I am writing this. In the spirit of full disclosure, it is now Monday afternoon now. My phone just rang. It.was.from.a.candidate. This is the first one that used his name on the caller ID. He has quite a funky name to be running for an office…his name is Young B**zer! Those ** are o’s. Can you imagine saying Governor B**zer? I mean, he may be a fine person, and this is in no way saying anything about him as a person. But, I’d say he has at least one strike against him before he even starts. Just my opinion.

I have caller ID. If I do not know the name…I will not answer. If it says ‘private number’, I will not answer. If it is from another area code, with no name, I will not answer. If it is just a bunch of letters, I will not answer. But, you? I’ll always take a call from you……….as long as you don’t ask me who I’m voting for!!!