This new stuff is hard! I’m beginning to think my brain is older than I thought it was! But, I’ll keep on plugging!

You had questions…Ian has answers…

No. My followers do not come over to the new site with me. But, to tell you the truth, that has never mattered to me, anyway. I didn’t even have it on my blog. Now I was, and am, happy to know you good folks are following me, and sincerely hope you continue to do so even though I have defected to the wordpress side.

If you wish to continue to recieve Gatherings in a ‘feed’….look on the right side….last cute little funky box…and click where it reads ‘Entries RSS’…and follow how it says to do it.

I will not be posting at Gatherings 1….but I plan to leave it up indefinitely. All new posts will be on Gatherings 2. Please let me know if there is something not working right.