Oh, how much I loved this show! For 6 years, I have watched and wondered and tried to figure out what was actually happening! Sometimes, I would never get it…until Alex explained it or I read it on a message board. And, tonight was the final show.

Actually, the very essence of the show is what made it so hard to understand. Nothing was ever what it seemed to be…and sometimes even people were not who they looked to be. Each character had a storyline on the island, and existed in an alternate reality also. And, each character was was so multi dimensional, it was hard to ever feel like you had really gotten a handle on them.

The final show was very sad, but uplifting, also. And, when it was over, I still had questions. I’m hoping that someone puts out a book that explains all the subtle nuances that you really didn’t notice at the time…only later as you were thinking it over.

Farewell, Lost. I enjoyed you immensely. Thanks for keeping my brain active at least once a week during the last 6 years! Thinking back over it should keep it active for at least another 3 or 4.