In June of 2007, Joy, Mom and I took a trip together…for shopping…and eating….and laughing. We went to Birmingham first and had lunch with Ian, shopped, and spent the night there, and travelled on to Atlanta the next day. While there we visited the Market in the morning and then did some more shopping in Roswell in the afternoon. There are some great shops there, and we quickly found much that suited our fancy. We went in one shop…and I saw a beautiful hand mirror, next thing I know, Mom had bought it for me! It is one of my most favorite things. While shopping in this beautiful store, which, by the way, had a very cute baby section, Mom found a little brown rocking bunny. It really caught her eye. It had an antique look about it. She was sold! I asked her who she was buying it for…and she said she’d explain it later. Across the street, in another shop, Joy found a most beautiful theorem stencil painting. If you are not sure what that is…just know it is a very, very old and complicated way of doing stencil work. The painting was, of all things, a red bird. So, Mom bought that for Joy.

When we got to the motel and changed clothes…we brought out all our goodies! Such fun! We put on all the jewelry we had bought at Market. And, we again admired my mirror, Joy’s painting, and the bunny. Here, Joy is looking at her painting…

I showed off my jewelry and my mirror…Yes, the mirror does say ‘Queen’…..and, yes, those are crowns and scepters on my night shirt. I can’t imagine you’d think it would be anything less! 🙂 Why, even Mama knew it! 🙂

Then Mom pulled out the bunny…

Now even though this antique style bunny and chick was very cute…it really was not Mom’s style. But, she was captivated by it. And, then she told us why she bought it. “This,” she said, “is for Tara’s first baby. I am going to put it up and keep it until then.” “Awwwww,” Joy and I said. And we never thought about it again.

THEN, after Mom died, and Joy and I were going through some of her things…we found the bunny. He was wrapped in tissue paper and safely resting in the bottom drawer of a dresser…right next to 5 brand new packages of Pop’s brand of underwear. She liked to be prepared. Thinking ahead. Always ready.

Joy took it home with her…which was the wrong thing to do. Tara had her baby shower…and Joy could not find the bunny. Tara had sweet JT…and Joy couldn’t find the bunny. Christmas Day rolled around…and Joy couldn’t find the bunny. EASTER!!! EASTER came …AND JOY COULD NOT FIND THE BUNNY. Mother’s Day…and Joy could not find the bunny. I told her not to worry…we’d just give it to JT when he graduated from HIGH SCHOOL!!!

AND, THEN…she found it. We made big plans to present it to her while we were at Pop’s for Father’s Day lunch. I brought the picture, and on the way over, I called Joy to make sure she had the bunny…SHE DID NOT! She had forgotten it. “I’ll get it here,” she said. And, I knew Tommy was going to have to head back to their house to get the bunny. It was not where Joy told him it was…she had to direct him, over the phone, where to look for it. But, he got it…the plan was a go! We gathered everyone, and gave the package to Tara…

Tara opened it, and then I showed her the pic…

And here she is…with tears in her eyes…remembering her Granny, and knowing that her Granny had made plans for her years ago, before she was even thinking of having a baby. Mom knew Tara was pregnant with a boy before she died, but she never saw him…that we know of. Who knows what wonderful things God does for those who choose to live with him after this life?

Mom knew that Tara would like the bunny, but why did she buy that gift, that far in advance and make such a point of letting us know about it? And, why did I pull out the camera that night and make pictures of us in our pajamas!? I think it was all one of those co-incidences….that really aren’t. I prefer to think they are just little winks from God. And, somehow I hope Mom saw how touched Tara was…all of us, actually. Here, Joy is telling Pop the story of the bunny.

And, just “one more thing” said JT…..

“Be sure you show everyone how cute I was that day!”

And, you surely are, sweet boy! One day, I hope you pass this sweet bunny on to your first child. And, tell the story once again of “Granny and the Bunny.”

FYI: The wonderful store in Roswell is called The Chandlery……and there is a great primitive country store across the street called The American Sampler (I think). They are located on Canton Street in the historic downtown area.