This is a post about lingerie. I hope this is not offensive to any of my friends. It shouldn’t be…but you never know. So, just FYI…we are going to talk about under garments here. Very safe lingerie…not the ‘hard core’ stuff!

Do you have any dresses or tops like the ones above and below? ( FYI: I do not wear dresses with cute little bows at the waist…but this was the only pic I came across to illustrate my point. If you wear dresses with cute little bows at the waist… are obviously much smaller and younger than I…and I am jealous!) You just can not think about wearing them without something underneath. Else you would be showing off way more than you wanted to. I may have been OK with that when I was 20 or so. But now? Not so much…

And, you may have a top like the one below…not really so low, but if you lean over at all…there is a clear view into areas best left unseen. (When I was still teaching, I leaned over one day in class to pick up something off the floor. One of those cute little kids who never missed anything piped up and said, ” Ms. Owens, I can see yore ‘things’ in there.” “In where?” I said. “Inside yore shirt,” he says. It was only then that I realized I was flashing the 3 year olds. ) Sorry, Bonnie.

The other day, I went into TJM…and then down to the Lifew*y bookstore. In between the two was a C*to store. Do you have one of those in your town? (That second letter there is an ‘a’.) Sometimes I can find some cute shorts or skirts or tops or something there. So, as I was moving from one section of the store to the other…I passed by the lingerie. I didn’t even know they sold lingerie. Not lots of lingerie, but some. You can easily find a black bra with hot pink edging, or a denim bra with neon yellow trim and bikinis to match. Not much in the white or black areas, though. And lots of those thong things with lace and bows. I just don’t get it. Just looking at them made me start twitching!

However, one rack caught my eye, mostly because I did not know what it was and what it was doing in the lingerie area…nor on what area of the body it would be worn. So, I went to investigate. Because, inquiring minds and all, you know. Here’s what I saw…

Of course, it was not laying out like this in the store…it was hanging on the rack all pushed together with others of its kind. Friends, this is called a ‘Half-Cami’. And, I think they are great! So great that I bought 2…black and white. They are made of a sort of silky something…but more substantial than slip material. It does not look as if your slip is showing. They are not tight, but stay up with or without the clear straps. The brand name of the one I bought at C*to is Under Cover. I tried to find a picture of them on the Internet, but to no avail. But, I did find this one that looks somewhat similar at Se*rs (pictured below). But, I have only seen it on this laptop.

The ones I bought were $7.99 each. I think these will be wonderful in this H.O.T. weather. Who can stand to add another layer? Not me!

So to sum up this post………

1. C*to……lingerie area….

2. Under Cover….Black or White…

3. $7.99…..sold in dress sizes…

4. Eliminates double layers of clothing

5. Keeps ‘THINGS’ covered !




  1. I saw those the other day! My cousin had told me about them, and I was in that same store and found them. I didn't buy, because I can't think of anything I have to wear one with right now, but I'm definitely keeping it in mind. I don't know what kind of people these clothing manufacturers think we are….half the stuff is cut down to your belly button!

  2. I understand completely about showing too much! I worry more about the waist area! You know the muffin….

  3. Tonja,

    You just WON'T DO!! I'm past the era of needfuls like those, but I DO have one low-cut black velvet dress—I tuck in one of my Mother's lacy black handkerchiefs like a little fluffy ruffle, and it looks as if it was made that way.

    Not to mention the time that my SIS, young and gorgeous, had grabbed a half-gallon of milk and a small pack of snacks for her lively 18-month-old. She was wearing her usual shorts and tube top, and the little fella just wanted those snacks.

    She elevated the hand with milk and snacks high over her head as she stood in line, and the whole 7-11 chain probably still passes down the story of the beautiful blonde young woman, vainly holding baby and groceries, while the rambunctious little guy climbed her front using the tube top as a ladder-step, yelling CHEETOS!!! CHEETOS!!

    The step did not hold, and an Urban Legend was born.

  4. I am living in sundresses this summer. Much much cooler than even shorts. I've found some really cute ones that have a low cute top so I've bought some of the half camis. They work like a charm!!! I'm not sure if we have a C*to here or not??


    Loved Rached's comment…too funny!

  5. Jeanette Glover |

    They have these at Things Rememberrred – Ted's Shopping Center- all colors. They are nice enjoy your stories.

  6. That sounds awesome, I always wear a tank top under and it does get very warm.

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