My sweet niece Tara, and her husband, Will…live on Bush Mountain. They actually DO have a dog as big as a horse, and the ‘cookie’, is their dog, Oreo. They have a ‘dear’ family of’ deer’ that comes to the edge of the woods to be fed. And, because I can keep a goooood secret…I am NOT going to say what they had for supper!

The ‘joyous one’ is my sister, Joy. And, she, along with Tommy, are the most joyous of all…BECAUSE…they are going to be grandparents! Tara and Will are expecting in the Fall!!!!!
We are all pulling for a boy…especially since Will is a pro at all that ‘boy stuff’…fishing, hunting, boating, wildlife control, etc.

Our family is so excited and thrilled beyond words! This will be the first grandchild in the second generation. And naturally, the first Great-grandchild. So Mom and Pop are thrilled as well.

I am so happy for Joy getting to be a ‘GeeGee’. HOWEVER…since sisters share EVERYTHING…I think it only fair that I get to be ‘Aunty Granny’. Don’t you agree?

Tara and Will, Don and I are praying for you all in the next few months. We pray for safety for you and the baby. We pray that the blessings of life will be showered upon him…starting even now! God bless you!

FYI…Adam and Suzanne are headed to Birmingham for Adam to see the same eye doctor that Alex did. We are so in hopes that he will be able to help Adam as well! Then they are going on to Atlanta to celebrate their anniversary…5 years, and Adam’s birthday! They are going to see the play, Jersey Boys! Have a blast you two. Drive safely!