My Granny Merritt, Mother’s Mother, loved birds of all kinds…but especially redbirds. Granny Merritt died several years ago, and it seemed to Joy and I that after she died, we began to see more and more red birds. Joy began to say that every time she saw a red bird, it was a sign from Granny Merritt that all was well. So, it became a private little saying in our family that the red birds were sent by Granny Merritt.

Pop was telling me a few days ago, that over the past few months he and Mom have seen a red bird next to their porch every morning as they ate breakfast together. Pop would always say, “Ella, there’s Ma Merritt.” And, they would watch the bird as they sat together at the table by the window.

When I got to Pop’s house on Friday, he had this story to tell Joy and I. It seems that as he sat eating breakfast at the table by the window, he noticed the red bird…but that day another red bird flew up and landed beside it. Then the second redbird flew up on the porch, into the windowsill, and started chirping loudly…seemingly to get his attention. And, then flew away.

Pop says the second redbird was sent from Mom…to make sure he knew that she was fine, she was with her mother, and all was well.

She knew he would be sitting at the table by the window.

Way to go, Mom! We got the message!