I do not like to complain. But, here I go. I can not get better. I have this awful rattling in my chest that is so loud it is driving me crazy. I’m still coughing my throat raw. I have been on antibiotics all week and other meds, too. This is for the birds. I need to be up and about helping Pop. But, all I can do is lay in this bed…and cough…and rattle.

Adam just got home from B’ham and his eye looks awful. The doctor says that everything is healing well. He can lift his head up now, so that is good. But, he has halos around all lights that are blocking his vision in both eyes. In the good eye, there is a ‘floater’ that is so big he says it is like a windshield wiper. If it doesn’t fall away on its own…they will have to drain the fluid out of his eye and replace it with water. There is also a cataract forming, that may go away…or may have to be removed. He is not seeing out of the worst eye, so he still can not drive.
All this is related to the retina surgery…except the halos. They still need to finish up the last surgery on the implants.
He has just about had all he can take. He is a strong young man, but this is his sight. And, he has to go back to B’ham next week and the next and Suzanne starts back to school next week. She has been an angel to my son. She has cared for him as well as I could ever have. I thank God for her.

And, between being sick, and Mom, and Adam, and guilt about not helping Joy and Pop…I am about at my limit, too. It seems sometimes like it just never stops. I’m ready for a break. And, now I feel guilty about complaining. But, you understand, and I know that or I would not be writing this.

I KNOW God has us all in His hand. I KNOW He is leading us through this trial. I trust Him completely do ‘work in this situation for good.’

I think I just needed to say this. So thanks for listening. Please pray for this family. We are strong and we are together…but we are hurting…and struggling.
Please understand if I am away for a few days….I can’t even hear myself think for all this rattling going on.

Thanks, friends. You’re the best!