After I got home from Pop’s yesterday, I realized just how bad I felt. And, the later it got…the worse I felt. My throat hurt, my ears hurt, my head hurt…well…EVERYTHING I had hurt!

I was up all night…and went to the ‘doc in a box’ as soon as they opened this morning. I have strep throat, I have an ear infection, and am about an inch away from pneumonia. They loaded me up with meds…and, now all I want to do is sleep. And, take my pain meds…my ears are killing me. Joy and I have been working at Pop’s helping him get things straightened out. So, this leaves it all to Joy. She never complains, though…but, I feel terrible for not being able to help.

When I called her this morning, she told me to be sure to stop and get some chicken noodle soup before I went home…:)

I am so behind on my blog reading and commenting…please know I’ll get around to it ASAP. I have also heard from several new friends lately…and some folks I knew that I didn’t even know I knew! I appreciate your continuing kind comments, and uplifting prayers as my family tries to cope with missing our most important member.
Stay well!