My last post was all about my lunch date that didn’t happen.  Along with the reasons why. And, so a week has past and I decided to try again to leave the house and get some errands done AND go grocery shopping.  Believe me, those 2 corndogs AND the Girl Scout Cookies are long gone!  Adam needed me to keep Levi for a few hours so he could set up for a shoot tonight,  So, I got ready before and Sweet Levi and Don were my lunch dates and then Adam came back to gettake Levi home.

My sore throat and coughing has only progressed since last week.  And until yesterday, I still thought it was just allergies.  But I began to get worse last evening and through the night.  By this morning, I knew I was much sicker.  I called the Dr. as soon as I got up and was told to come in this afternoon.

But, here it all goes haywire.  I got into my car, and noticed that the radio would not come on.  At least where I was turning it on. So, I tried several other knobs…no luck there, either.  I’m just guessing here, but I think when the battery died, it totally wiped the phone lady’s and the radio man’s brains free of the info Alex and I had stored.  I do not know that for a fact…I’m just thinking that  is the only explanation this feeble mass of brain cells can formulate.

So, no radio…just a note that says ‘PUT IN CODE’.  Great.  Where do you put the code…since I see no keypad or numbers to use.  And.  What is the code?  Did we have a code?  Did someone tell us a code?  Did we make up a code?  Why would you have to have a code to listen to a radio on a car, anyway?  And, if I had a code, where oh where is it now?  Can I make up a new one?  Do I have to talk to Honda Pilot International Car Code Division of American Honda Cars in America, Lower Alabama Division?  Is there even a HPICCDAHCALAD?  And, if there is, how do I find it?  Am I doomed to make all the music in my vehicle from now on?  No Sirius Satelitte Radio, no FM, no AM, no ‘put in a new CD, no ‘stored CD’?


I’m in distress here, friends.  And, to top it all off the telephone thingy didn’t work, either.  My phone rang and the phone lady didn’t make a peep.  Things are just not good in  Tonjaville today.  Someone has hit the mute button on my voice and someone else has hit the ‘screw it up royally’ button in my car.

I went to the doctor and have acute bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis and asthma issues and am once again bordering on pneumonia.  Which is to say, I’ve got the ‘CRUD’ and I’ve got it bad.

So, today, Saturday now, I will stay in bed all day following my doctor’s instructions.  We have a big celebration tomorrow at church…a 65 year anniversary with former pastors and music and youth ministers attending and participating.  Two services starting at 8:30….then huge dinner on the ground at noon.  Doc says ‘no way‘.  I say ‘we’ll see, I surely do not want to miss this.’  So, please, friends, prayers that I will feel wel enough to attend on Sunday.

It’s 4:40 AM here in the Deep South, rainy and cool.  I just had a bowl of cherrios and blueberries, took the meds from the doctor, and am heading back under the covers to emerge whenever this body-o-mine tells me to wake up.

You know I may be aging and having trouble…nigh on to mayhem, with technological things.  But, one thing this girl still knows how to do is pull the cover over my head and find a sweet dream to climb aboard and ride the course.  ‘Nitey-Nite’ or ‘Morny-Morn’.