You know how it is, don’t you?  You start to tell a story and you have to think back to the very beginning.  We bloggers want to be accurate and tell all the facts…ALL the facts…so that you will have a clear understanding of what it is exactly that we want to convey in the post in question.  So, that’s what I did…thinking waaaaay back to the very beginning of this story.

I did a post back in November about my trip to Birmingham for Pop’s eye surgery.  [He’s just returned from the last check-up and all is great.  He’s even cleared to drive…in the daytime.]  Anyway, Joy, Adam and I all went…with Adam doing the driving…in my car.  It is a new car and I still hadn’t learned all the things to do to get it to do what it is supposed to do.  (It is now the middle of January and I still do not know much more about it…but, I will.)  I was really excited about this car because it had Bluetooth and I could use my phone while I was driving…if I really needed to.  Alex and I had set it up so I just had to say who I wanted to call.  And, all was well.  Never mind that I didn’t know there was a lever you had to press to turn on the phone before you could say the name.  I was just riding around town yelling out “Joy, Call Joy, …………. Joy, JOY…… CALL JOY!”  And, no one came on to talk to me and say “dialing Joy.”  I felt quite stupid.  I feel quite stupid again just telling you about it.  But, it’s an important part of the story.

Adam decided that since he was doing all the driving for the three days, it would be a wonderful idea to change the Bluetooth thing to answer HIS phone and talk to him.  We did not discuss this prior to his changing things around.  It probably happened when Joy and I were doing a little shopping before the surgery and Adam and Pop were sitting in the car waiting for us because “it will only take us five minutes.”  I’m not sure.  But, I was a little surprised when the phone rang and it was for HIM.  I let it go because I didn’t know what he did and I didn’t know what to do to undo what he did.  Plus, he said it was easy to do and he would fix it back when we got home.  And, he did. Well, he thought he did.

But, when I would be driving around and my phone would ring and I would say, “Hello!”… it would keep ringing.  I would say “HELLO!  HELLO!” and no one ever spoke,  yet my phone would keep ringing.  And, when I got home, my phone would show me that Joy had called.  I would call her back and tell her that “I tried to answer, but you wouldn’t say anything”…and then she asked me if I pressed the lever on the steering wheel that had the little telephone on it.  She said the little picture was on there so it would be easy to see that it was the lever to push to operate the telephone.  And I said, “No…nobody told me I had to push a lever to talk.”  And, I’m not sure, but I think she probably thought I was stupid, too, cause that’s how sisters can be and besides she’s had her new Volvo that she could talk on longer than I’ve had my Pilot.   I bet she had to take lessons or something at the Jr. College.

I explained it all to Alex, who set everything up the first time, and he said he would fix it.  I have waited for weeks and one evening about a week ago, he FINALLY he agreed to walk 6 steps to my car and take Adam’s phone business out of the phone lady’s brain and put mine in.  Then I had to tell the lady all the names again and say them real loud, and we got it all set.  I now know there is a lever to push to answer and one to hang up and something else to do if I want to say “JOY” and have the phone lady do the hard work.  I was so excited that it was all finally fixed and I was ready to hop in my car and go the first time I had need to.  All was right with the world once again.

Suzanne picked up that amazing grandson of mine early on Wednesday, so I decided to go to the grocery store.  When I say the cupboard is bare…I mean the cupboard is BARE!.  Got in the car and turned the key…nothing happened.  NOTHING!  Not a sound!  Not even a whimper.  Oh, well, maybe I just wasn’t supposed to go to the grocery store today.  Corn Dogs for supper!  I told Don about it and he asked, “what did you leave on in the car?”  I told him I had not even been in the car in two weeks.  He said I must have because the car would not just go dead for no reason.  And, I am a forgetful girl.  So, I thought and thought about when I used the car last.  And, I remembered.  I remembered that Alex and I had sat in the car to fix my phone and it got dark while we were sitting there and I could not see those ##### levers and one of us turned a light on so I could see.  Alex said “It wasn’t me!” and so I suppose that it could have, possibly, maybe have been me.  But, I’m not sure.

In the meantime, my dear friend, Judy called and invited me to lunch with she and Kathy on Friday.  I wasn’t going to have Levi, so I said, “SURE!”  Cause they are two really good friends and I had not talked with either of them in several months.

My plans were beginning to gel.  First I would make a mad dash to TJM to pick up a gift, then meet them for lunch.  Then a quick (who am I kidding?) stop in Hobby Lobby and on to the grocery store.  With a final stop at the drive thru window at CVS because we can not drive past there without at least slowing down and tossing some money in the window lest they  think something was wrong with us!

So, Don brought a battery charger home and put it on the car yesterday and it charged all evening and all night.  I rested in the assurance that when I needed my car at 10 this morning, it would crank up willingly.  Alex was even going to call me on my phone to be sure it worked right when I left. I got my bath and dressed, and waited for Don to take the battery charger off the car, so I could go.  He did, and I waved bye.  And, nothing.  NOTHING! I tell you!  Not even a little try!  Well, isn’t that a fine how do you do?

Because, now it was 10:45 and I was to meet them for lunch at 11:30…and my plan was already off because I had to wait on someone to slowly shave and get his clothes on and then check his mail and recheck his briefcase to make sure he had everything he needed before he left because he is a thorough man!  He starts looking around the garage for who knows what…but all my stuff is in his way.  So, I begin to move furniture…in my nice white, freshly ironed button down shirt…in 32 degree weather!  I pulled 2 straight chairs and 2 rocking chairs and 1 wheelchair out into the driveway.  I then put two boxes up on top of the 3 short Christmas trees that were packed away by me and Patty.  NOW…nothing hindered anyone from getting anything into the middle stall of the garage.  Nothing at all and especially not 2 straight chairs, and 2 rocking chairs and one wheelchair and 2 boxes and just a few other minute things!!!

He couldn’t find what he was looking for, so he said for me to come on and he would take me.  I told him I did not want to go and sit at Olive Garden for 30 minutes and he kindly offered for me to go with him to eat breakfast and then he would take me.  I had been standing outside in 32 degree weather with no jacket and my house slippers on for 20 minutes and I was chilled to the bone.  My white shirt didn’t look so fresh and my hair was having a fine old time just blowing here and there, willy-nilly.  So, I told him I just wasn’t going…it was too late.  So, he said OK and left for work.  I came in the house and called the girls and told them and then got out the heating pad for my knees.  They were screaming at me….my knees, not my friends.  And, it was OK, because I really didn’t feel too well.  I began having a sore throat last night and I had been coughing this morning.

At 11:30, I  saw his truck come whizzing into the driveway.  He had gotten a set of jumper cables and managed to get his truck into the middle stall even though I had already moved the 2 straight chairs and the the 2 rocking chairs and the wheelchair back into the garage.He attached them to the car and called me to come out.  He told me to “crank ‘er up”.  And, I did.  And, she roared into action.  He had me sit there and gas it a little and then he gassed it alot and said, “Now keep these jumper cables with you so you’ll always have them.”  OK.  I could do that.  He said for me to “go on to lunch and if my car died again, find someone to jump me off.”  OK.  I was NOT going to do that today.  My knees were hurting  and my head had started pounding.  I did not tell him that.  Perhaps he read it on my face. But, he said he had to go back to work.  I came inside.  And, I’m sure what happened next was his attempt at kindness.  He came back in and said, “Here, take my truck.  I’ll just take your car and keep it charged up.  But, I’m really low on gas, you’ll have to stop and fill the tank!.” OK. Well…no, I was not going to do that today, either.


He left and I resumed my position on the bed.  And, I have been here all day.  My throat hurts and my head hurts and my nose is running and I’m running a fever and we have no groceries and I did not have a long, leisurely lunch with my friends.  I did not hear about their grandchildren, nor did they hear about mine.  We did not get to laugh and enjoy things that only girlfriends of long standing can.

But, it’s OK.  I’ll feel better.  We’ll do lunch again soon.  My car will be fully charged.  And, there’s 2 corndogs left in the freezer for he and Alex for supper.   I suppose I’ll just have to make do with that unopened box of Girl Scout cookies…the chocolate with peanut butter ones.  I’ll manage.  Besides, I didn’t even have any lunch!

Good ‘ole Maxine knows just how I feel…..