Welcome to the Baby Shower…for John Thomas Bush. Scheduled to enter the world around November 28…but predicting he makes an early arrival!

On Thursday afternoon after she finished work, Tina came over to help me get ready. We put together this pretty fall display near the front door. Thanks, Tina, I could not have gotten it together without you!

Front door…

Front door…

View of the table…the theme was ducks…obviously..

Tara and John Thomas Bush

Opening gifts…

…and more…

Joy and Tara with gifts displayed…

Joy at the punchbowl…well, the punch bucket. Our punch (Suzanne’s recipe) was delicious…and yellow. We added food coloring to make it blue. Then floated little yellow ducks in it! Yellow boas around the bottom are duck feathers! Actually it’s looking a tiny bit green, isn’t it?

Lori and Patty talking it over…

What a great time we had! Joy and I have been so fortunate to have wonderful women in our lives since we were little girls. Most of them have been good friends of Mom’s…and involved in church with us. These ladies taught us when we were younger, worshipped with us, and set an example before us as we watched them live their lives. Several of them attended the shower today. It made Joy and I feel so good that these ladies who were such close friends of Mom’s chose to spend time with us yesterday. We felt that it was as if a little of Mom was there with us as we honored Tara and her coming baby.

But, not only that, we also had some young ladies, Laura and Morgan, along with their Mom and Grandmother attending. Joy kept these 2 lovely girls when they were babies up until they started school.

So, we had a nice mix of ages. Sweet friends all.

This is Betty, Neva, Jeanette.

Here is Tara, Tina, and Michelle.

Linnie, Tonja, Dot…

Joy and Tara…Mother and Daughter…GiGi and Mommy…

Before we all left we made some more pics. Crazy Patty was making these pictures! We told her here to please just get the top part of us…she did.

The women in our family…Joy, Lori, Tonja, Tara, Suzanne.

We said, don’t get the bottom of us…our feet hurt…and we all happen to be a little rounder in that general vicinity! She didn’t listen!

Finally…she got it right! But, SHE ain’t right!

Tara with her hostesses.

Also attending were: Shirley and Jayna, who drove over from Moultrie. Jayna and Tara have been very close friends forever! Will’s Mom, Jean, and Tara’s sister in law and good friend, Olivia, and her 2 little ones. April, Pat, Lisa and her Mom. Juanita, Mary, Suzanne’s Mom and Jan and I hope I didn’t leave anyone out! Several of our close friends couldn’t be there due to prior commitments. And several others brought their gifts early.

What an honor to be able to have these sweet celebration in my home. Joy has always been so generous with her daughters through the years, and allowed me to love them and love on them. And, I do love them both dearly. I am so excited for Will and Tara. They will be wonderful parents, and little John Thomas will have a huge family…on both sides…to love and support him as he grows.

Tara is on bedrest until she delivers due to BP problems, but after next week she will be 33 weeks, and that is a milestone she really wants to make (she and her doctors). She had a shower last week and another one today…so I imagine she is going to be ready to rest!

A wonderful day, with good friends, and much to celebrate!