There is so little on TV these days that is worth your time. But, these are 2 that I particularly like.

This is Season 6 for this dance show, and it only gets better. Most of these kids have put in years of practice to earn the right to compete in this show. But, there are also those who have never had a lesson, and they are right up there in the competition. How they get their bodies to move like they do is a mystery to me. They are able to convey such emotion and feeling in their performances. I feel like the whole concept of the show is a testament to the intricacies of the human body. We are truly ‘wonderfully made’.

Did you know there were as many differing types of dance as there are? Each genre has a whole slew of different dances and at different tempos. And, each has its own set of rules. There is, of course, Latin, and Ballroom, and Broadway, and Contemporary and Ballet, to name a few. And, then there are all the new styles…hip-hop, crumping, bead. These are not as clearly defined to me as the afore mentioned styles. They have even added the new Bollywood style, and another Russian style folk dance! So, for a dancer to be proficient in all the styles or to be able to learn it in a week, is amazing. Here you are watching the very best in the dance world.

I think any artist, whether in music, dance, painting, photography,or writing deserves to receive accolades for putting in the work it takes to become a master at what they do.

Then there is Glee. This is just a feel good, fun to watch, silly show. It is quite cleverly written…but not enough to win any awards. It is like a doughnut for the brain…full of sugar, sort of filling, and fun to consume! Enjoy!

And, to prove how diverse my viewing habits are, I will mention here another favorite show that always intrigues the viewer…House. He is such a flawed person. But as hard as he tries, he can not contain the spark of humanity that truly wants to help those who find themselves on his service. This show never disappoints. So, change that # to 3. Actually it is on right now, so TTYL.

WAIT!!!!! I almost forgot the best show of all time, LOST! It has been the best written, most confounding, complex show ever. These writers are genius! You can swear you know what is coming next, but, you’re wrong every time! So clever. They jump up in time…go back in time…even change time. And they do this for each character. A must see…every week! Go ahead, add one more to that #. Commercial’s over…bye!