Today is the day that Sherrie and her husband got their daughter. It did not go like she had hoped. Sherrie says, “she is scared and still in diapers!” She is in love with her already. I will wait until I get her permission to post a picture. But, Sherrie is a sweet, gentle soul and I know that in no time , Sophie will see that and all will be well. Right now the only one she will let hold her is Justin, the teenage son. She only wants to be near him. This is going to take time, but I know it will be well. Pray with me that God will speak to her little spirit and let her know that she is safe and loved by these strange people who can not even talk to her. Our God cares about even the tiniest child in China, and He wants her to be happy. I am praying for peace and comfort for Sweet Sophie.

Now this is in no way as important as Sherrie’s news, but I thought it ironic that I got it on the same day. I just got a call from the gallery owner in Savannah, and they are getting my furniture ready to ship! The owners wife said the table, which just got into port last week from China, is beautiful. She says everyone is raving about my table. Remember it is made from centuries old temple doors. I can hardly wait to see it and I will show you a pic when I do.

I would say these are 2 exports they got right!