It has been raining and raining and raining. While all the trees and grass and flowers are loving it…and looking quite a lovely shade of green, I might add…us humans are shrivelling up like prunes. (by the way, I’ve never eaten a prune…never have wanted to eat a prune…but I have seen one and it is very shrivelly.) I do not even know if ‘shrivelly’ is a word…but it should be if it isn’t.
I am tired of it raining. And, when I get tired…I tend to ramble…on and on. Today, I rambled on the internet. I wanted to do a post about the Fibonacci numbers and how they relate to nature, and how God is truly the Master Designer. However, when I tried to understand the explanations they were giving about the math…my head got all fuzzy…and my eyes started to cross…and I think I even twitched a little.
It just never made sense to me…try as hard as I could. And,even way back in the dark ages, we had calculators. Maybe not the little ones you carried around with you…actually, I think they were called adding machines then…but, I knew my daddy had one in his office and if I ever needed to know something mathematical…I knew where to go to get the answer. Let me interject here that my daddy has this kind of incredible math brain. He does all these number things in his head…and can keep long strings of numbers in there and bring them back out at will. Obviously, I did not inherit that skill from him…I had to settle for getting his good looks! Anyway…
As much as I want to do a post on this wonderful fact about nature and math…it’s just not going to happen. Suffice it to say that it is a wonderful phenomenon, and well worth your time to read about. It really is fascinating, and I am sure it would be even more fascinating if I really understood it. But, I’m not one to let something like a mental block keep me from trying to express myself…so this is what I do understand….
*******There are certain numbers of petals on flowers, and there are certain placements of leaves on plants….and it corresponds to certain numbers in this Fibonacci System. The rings or petals on the pine cone and the pineapple always follow this system. If you notice the swirl in the head of a sunflower, or in the shell of a nautilus…it also follows specified diameter and number of rings.If you go here , you can find some information about this. Then follow the links at the bottom (one doesn’t work) to find out more, and see pictures.

There it is…I know unless this is interesting to you…you may be as lost as I am. I think I understand more about it than I can coherently explain…and this quote most certainly applies in this case:
I do know that there are some who don’t think this points to the great mind of God. They say that this mathematical system found in so much of creation is just the natural order of things…and the way the world ‘evolved’. They may say that …but I say “HOGWASH!!!” This points me to a Creator even more!
It is still raining. And will throughout the night. I’m tired of reading, and I’m tired of typing, and honestly…I’m tired of thinking. So, that’s all the thinking I am going to do on this post. Think I’ll just ‘ramble on’ to bed…