One of the last times that I visited with my Granny Merritt, before she went to live in the nursing home, she had a new ‘treasure’ to show me in her yard. I remember it well, because it always makes me smile when I see one. I am speaking of “High Geraniums”. I’m sure you have seen them. One of the most beautiful plants and very prolific here in the deep South. She was so proud of them and kept telling me the night before just how beautiful they were. I could hardly wait to see them!

I could only imagine what they would look like. Were they a climbing variety… or more of a bush? I was not then, and I am not now, very much of a gardener. But, I did know what a ‘geranium’ was. I especially liked red ones in clay pots.

After we were up and around the next morning, she said, “Come on, Tonna, let’s go see my flowers.” She always called me Tonna. No one else has ever called me that. And, I am glad because that was her special name for me.

Out to the yard we went…and she led me to the most beautiful HYDRANGEA bush I had ever seen! I told her how beautiful they were and they really were. I always think of her whenever I see a bush of ‘high geraniums’!

When we began thinking of the landscaping for the Creek House (and there is not much of it)…the only thing I told our designer that I wanted was hydrangeas…LOTS OF HYDRANGEAS! And, I have 6 or 7 bushes. I never expected to see any blooms this year…but LOOK AT THIS…

There is also a blue one blooming, too. I am just thrilled!

Today, I was able to pick some and bring them into the house..very exciting. I had heard there was a certain way to care for them after they are picked, I searched the internet to find out what to do. Here is the way to preserve the blooms as long as possible after cutting…

*****Take water with you to cut the flower and immediately place them in the water.
Boil some water, and remove from heat. After cutting the stem to desired length, place the cut stem in the boiling water for 30 seconds…then add to room temp. water to arrange.*****

I’ll let you know how long these last.

Another plant she taught me about were hostas. I think they are so beautiful! I have several in a bed at our former house. Boy do they multiply! I have already told Suzanne that I am going to bring about half of them over here. She will still have plenty to fill out the bed.

I think it kind of wonderful that at the age of 55, I am still thinking of the things my Granny told me so many years ago. Family is a wonderful thing. The memories, and the lessons stay with you for life. Oh, we must be sure the memories are happy ones, and the lessons are for good. We will be remembered, too, for the same things.

So, here’s to you, Granny Merritt…I imagine that you are seeing the most beautiful flowers in heaven. God’s gardens must be divine!