There is a big concert going on in our area. It’s called Bama Jam, and there are lots of top name country music stars performing there. I was just watching TV, and the news came on. The newscaster was talking about the huge number of people attending. They interviewed several people in attendance…and I think they looked for the tackiest women there to put on the air. Every woman interviewed was wearing a tank top. And most of them had nothing on underneath. There they were…showing off their ‘girls’ to anyone who cared to look. They were hanging out everywhere. Now, I have nothing against wearing tank tops. They can be very cute. But if they are as tight as can be, and cut down to ‘there’…it’s just not pretty. To be fair, I should tell you that it was in the 90’s, and very humid. But still, there are ways to be cool and still be decent!

I am continually amazed by what people will wear out in public. Do they even look in the mirror? Or has decency just fallen by the wayside? Here is another pic that has been making the rounds lately. You’ve probably seen it, but in case you can’t tell…she is wearing a pair of men’s briefs with the crotch cut out! Can you believe that?

Before anyone says it, I’ll say it first. Everyone is free to wear whatever they want. And, I think it is great to express yourself through what you wear. But, for heaven’s sake…wear it at home…not in public! I don’t want to see it!