A friend of mine made some pictures at the party and said she’d send them to me… but I think she forgot…and since I have already reminded her twice…I’m gonna let it go.  {EDIT:  I finally got them today}  So, these are just some of the extra pics we made on Saturday.  All these ladies are so dear to me, I wanted to share these, too.  I’ll start off with Joy.  Doesn’t she look pretty?  (Amazing how much we favor, isn’t it? 🙂



Here is my sweet Lucy Jane…looking just like a spring flower herself.  Danielle is her aunt.



This is Christy, daughter of Rhonda…Danielle, like-a-second-daughter to Rhonda…Kimberly, daughter in law of Rhonda, and Rhonda


This is June.  She was such a dear friend of my Mom’s, and to me all the years I can remember.  As I am doing Danielle’s wedding, she did my wedding to Don 39 years and 3 months ago.  This is one of the people I hold dearest in my heart of hearts.


This is Susanna.  We have been friends for a very long time.  And, we have wonderful memories of Mission Trips all over the country and the shenanigans that go on after the work is done.  She is currently serving as Children’s Ministry Director at another church in town, but will soon be joining her husband in Birmingham.  He is a pediatrician there, and their 3 children will all be nearby.  Dothan will be a little quieter when she’s all moved in in B’ham…cause wherever Susanna is, there is laughter and nonsense and lots of fun!  I do so love this sweet friend.  Oh, she’d be mad at me if I didn’t mention that she is a former beauty queen, as well!



Somebody was doing some tickling…..



Joy and Susanna paying close attention to something


And, this is Tina.  She is my helper, she is my right hand, she is my partner in crime, and she is the one I can always count on to come to my rescue  when I have bitten off more than I can chew….or committed to something I should have had the good sense not to…or have gotten halfway into a project and decide to stop and start another one.   She gets me.  (AND…she had a birthday yesterday…36, I think).



Trying to figure out exactly what these girls are discussing….interesting body language and expressions…


And, Patty kept trying to escape!  Caught her once out on the front porch holding 3 of our guests captive!


Then she posed with her granddaughter, Addison (my sweet Lucy Jane)…


And, then she began pestering Rhonda…


Danielle and her bridesmaids (minus one) were enjoying the beautiful weather out by the pool.


Sweet friends, dear friends, special children, young and on the verge of marriage…loved ones all.  Old friends, and friends who took a different path, new friends and friends of friends.  Friends whose lives are going just as they wish and friends dealing with problems that have brought them to their knees.  Friends with young children and friends whose children are having children of their own.  And, friends dealing with children making their way through life on unwise paths.  Friends…living the lives that are their own and ours as well…we are all so different and all so alike.  I love having them all at my home…not because of the surroundings…because a house is just that…a house.  What brings the glow, the warmth, the shine to a home are those who walk the floors and sit on the furniture, and stand at the island.  Their laughter ringing throughout fills the air with love and friendship.  Their sweet smiles bounce off the walls and land on others.  And, when they are all gone…and at last, I sit down and reflect on the day…the air is almost alive with happiness and joy.  It lingers…in the house and in my memory.  A good day.  A happy day.  A day of frienship.