OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I am not fond of cold weather.  I WAS NOT created to withstand the onslaught of icy wind and freezing temps!  I don’t mind having to wear a sweater, BUT, to have to wear cuddle duds, t-shirt,sweatshirt , knee socks, jeans and a cape is not my idea of being fashionably attired.  And, then add ear muffs, and gloves…and you pretty much are rendered incapable of movement…much less ‘power shopping’.

I know…it’s really not pretty, is it?  But, it was 16 degrees, friends.  16 degrees!!!!!

We left Dothan on Monday morning in the very cold weather in Dothan, so we were sorta prepared for what was coming.  But the promise of fun and laughter, and time away with my sister, was overpowering.  Now, she has a broken foot…and has been wearing a big ole cage type boot on her foot.  So, I gracious offered to drive and let her rest her leg.  I sure didn’t want her holding me back when I got to the stores!  🙂  But, no-ooooo…she showed up at my house in her year old Volvo and shoes on both feet.    Yes…it still beeps when you are withing sight distane of any other vehicle.  Yes, it’s still supposed to stop if it gets close too close to another car…but one time, it didn’t. The great and powerful, invincible Volvo was a little down on its game.  We stopped at a big barn-type store (Sikes and Kohn) to peruse the shoes.  Let me just say that they had done a wonderful job of stocking their store with the shoes that make girls giggle with glee and swoon with silliness and start  a shoe trying-on frenzy!  6 boxes made their way to our car!

Well, getting back in the car, heading on our way, the year old Volvo started sending us a message.  “My tires are feeling a little flat!”  I told Joy it was just a cruel joke and to just drive on.  She did…but it sent us another message that said, “I TOLD YOU I’m feeling a little light in the rubber!”  So she stopped and called someone who knows most everything there is to know about anything you would need to know.  And, he said not to worry…check it at a gas station when we get to B’ham.  I told her again that it was because of the cold.  I know these things.  Really.  We made it on to our destination safely and missed the turn off we wanted to take…so we took the next one.  And, do you know what was staring us in the face when we got to the bottom of the exit ramp? 

And that was our first stop!  They were happy to check the tires.  They said the cold was the culprit!  That was NOT news to me.  But, the wonder car was, indeed, not holding his air.  4 pounds low in 1, and 5 pounds low in the other 3.  They were happy to give us aid and soon we were on the road to our first shop!*****Isn’t it amazing how God watches over us even when we don’t realize it?  We prayed, as we always do, before we left Dothan.  We asked God to keep us safe and station His angels around our car to protect us.  Obviously He did…and obviously He decided the car needed to be seen about.  We didn’t just ‘miss’our exit, it was closed to us by our Father.  And, because He loves us and knows that we are not always the wisest ladies when it comes to car maintenance versus shopping…He led us straight to the dealership and a man who was very happy to stop his work and be our hero.  Isn’t that just like a loving Father?  Isn’t it wonderful to know that wherever you are and whatever you do…He is going before you and preparing the way? Always leading us to what is good for us.  I love Him so!*****

And, so the shopping began.  All the top spots…the Summit, Homewood, Patton Creek, and a few in between.   We hurried from the car to the store and back to the car.  None of that leisurely strolling.  We stopped about 4:00 and headed to PFChangs.  How nice to sit quietly and eat and rest our feet!  We decided we were quite revived when we finished…and since we were at the Summit, anyway, made a quick stop at Pottery Barn.  Did I mention that it was cold?  Very cold. This is the fountain in front of Pottery Barn.  Isuffered in the cold just to take these pics for you!  🙂 

And, then, to the motel, get our things to the room, and crash!  Whew!  we were tired!  And glad to have some covers to get under and warm up!  Just a little bit later, Ian came over to the motel to visit.  It was so nice to sit and talk with him and hear about his new job.  He is blessed and happy and enjoying his life. 

Next morning we set about our appointed rounds…and then backtracked to a couple of places, grabbed a sandwich, and headed home.    We talked non stop there and back, and enjoyed the time together so much.  We made it back home about 8:00.  And, today, I am tired!

This morning, my friend, Lucy Jane, came over to make cookies.    She opened and poured…

and stired and cracked and mixed.

Unfortunately, we had to take a do-over with the egg!  We used this funky pan I bought last year after Christmas…I don’t know why.  It is made of silicon.  I scoop a small amt, and Lucy would press it into the pan.  After I went back over them…into the oven they went.  I was a little concerned.  I had never used one of these silicone pans before.  AND, the recipe on the back of the package say to roll these out and cut with a cookie cutter.  It doesn’t say anything about using a baby gingerbread pan.  But..I’m a rebel…and don’t mind living dangerously when the situation calls for it.

Out they come…smelling sooo yummy!

During the wait for the cookies to finish, she played with my scarf and these 4 little stools.  9 minutes can be an eternity to a little one!   You put this on the cookie sheet…and when they come out, we had to wait about another 10 minutes for them to cool!  And here’s the finished products.  A perfect sized to pop into your mouth for one bite!

Now, I’m heading to bed…fighting an allergy to something.  And, I’m keeping sweet John Thomas tomorrow.

Three days spent with people I love.  Nothing could be any better..such a sweet gift during this Season of Love!